Wednesday 18 May 2016

Wolvserpent - 'Aporia:Kāla:Ananta' (Album Review)

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 04/03/2016
Label: Relapse Records

'Aporia:Kāla:Ananta' CD//DD//LP track listing

1). 'Aporia:Kāla:Ananta'

The Review:

While technically billed as an EP, this single track of unsettling ambience spans 40 minutes, thus making it a full length release in my eyes. Naturally, it is rather difficult to review such a piece as this. There are no hooks. There are some riffs. There is sound, mood, texture and production to home in on.

That being said, I can look at the piece as a whole or as movements... The three part title suggests the latter, perhaps. Certainly, the two piece have conjured up a sinister series of soundscapes with violin, percussion/drums, guitars and other more abstract sounds. Just before the nine minute mark comes the first recognisably “metal” section- don't expect Cannibal Corpse- but of course the track moves forward from there beyond the distant vocals and layered strings. There are some VERY doom laden sections here, too, which fit well with the ambient and black material on offer.

Essentially, your interest in this type of thing will be piqued if you like the above description. If you don't like ambient/black metal/doom with a very avant garde approach, you probably won't enjoy this. However, if you want something very different, very unsettling and, yes, very heavy: this is for you.

“Aporia:Kāla:Ananta” is available here

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