Monday 7 November 2016

"11 is one Louder": Tides of Sulfur choose their Top 5 blackened sludge releases

Tides of Sulfur

Cardiff, South Wales' heaviest band Tides Of Sulfur are a band who smirk in the face of genre restrictions, so when they were approached to do a Top 5 of their respective genre, we let them decide. They chose Blackened Sludge. Like sludge infected with a black metal virus. As heavy as sludge but with an extra helping of nihilistic bleakness. Throw in some blasting aggression or shrieking vocals for good measure and that about sums it up, because It’s time to turn the volume up to 11, because after all “11 is one louder

'We're honoured to present to you our top 5 Blackened Sludge albums. While we could have chosen several other genres and sub-genres, we feel that this is the pool we've dipped into the most and a sub-genre which encompasses everything we love about heavy music”

1. Lord Mantis - 'Pervertor' (2012)

In our mind, not only the seminal blackened sludge album, but our favourite extreme metal album of any genre. LM straddle the black metal and sludge sound perfectly, constantly twisting and turning in different directions, changing tempos and vocal delivery but also not afraid to stay on a riff and bore it into your skull. This is the album that really turned our drummer on to the more extreme side of metal when stoner and southern rock just wasn't cutting it anymore. It's drenched in sweat and punk spit, caked in dried blood and vomit and has a black heart at its core. Sadly, drummer Bill Bumgardner took his own life recently so we've plagiarised one of his beats in a tribute to his brilliance. RIP sir. 

2. Unearthly Trance - 'The Trident' (2006)

While UT treaded in doomier territory with their first two albums, they cranked up the Eyehategod and Black Flag influence on this but retained the icy, black atmosphere they were known for and continued down the left hand path. Offensively underrated as a milestone in extreme music.

3. Dragged Into Sunlight - 'Hatred for Mankind' (2011)

If we had to explain the genre to someone using no words, we would play them this album. It’s bleak, disgustingly heavy and a complete assault to the senses. The first time our guitarist heard this, it completely changed his view on music. Absolutely essential.

4. Indian - 'Guiltless' (2011)

The second album on our list to feature the incomparable Bill Bumgardner on drums and Dylan O'Toole on vocals (O'Toole makes contributions on the Lord Mantis album). The undiluted misanthropy prevalent throughout, as well as the use of harsh noise as an added element was highly influential in creating the sound of Tides Of Sulfur.

5. Coffinworm - 'When All Became None' (2010)

The musical equivalent of a bad acid trip and cheap cider binge in a dingy punk squat during a power cut, this album took the bleak, cavernous atmosphere of black metal and filtered it through the grimy filth of sludge and refined it to create something truly unique.


Tide of Sulfur’s lastest record “Extinction Curse” is a bold and compelling statement and the shockwaves from its seismic detonation continue to be felt throughout the UK underground, so be sure to pick up a copy here

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