Tuesday, 15 November 2016

ALBUM PREMIERE: Green Bastard light a match of destruction with "Pyre"

What the hell is a Green Bastard, when it is at home anyway? In terms of the literally meaning, I’m guessing their moniker is nothing to do with that?  Perhaps green refers to what Brant Bjork refers to as “The Gree Heen” and well Bastard, take your pick, given the noun is used interchangeably in both a positive and negative tense.  Despite the uncertain nature of the name, Green Bastard is a stoner-doom trio from New England, (no not the post Brexit version of England) and they are set to release their debut LP, ‘Pyre’ on November 16 via Midnight Werewolf records on cassette and download.

Taking cues from Sleep, Boris and MonolordPyre’ ploughs the familiar furrow of the aforementioned bands and yet the record is immersive and colossal ear fodder. Comprised of three sprawling tracks, it takes just under an hour to run its course, but has an intangible gift of drawing the listener into its own reality.  Green Bastard churns out groovy, driving riffs, which are further blended with cavernous amounts of fuzz.  Touches of post-rock and post-metal reveal themselves in evocative guitar lines that glide over the top of the rolling mass.

Pyre’ is an assured, sophisticated, and downright filthy statement from the band and today for your listening pleasure we present the album in its entirety, which you can stream below.  You can preorder it here

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