Sunday 20 November 2016

INTERVIEW: The Sludgelord Rorschach Test with Scott Angelacos & Nate Jones of Junior Bruce

By: Nikos Mixas

In a twist to the usual interview format Nikos Mixas suggested The Sludgelord Rorschach Test:  there are no inkblots and we won’t be subjecting bands to psychological profiling, rather we give photos that relate to the top metal/hard rock stories in 2016 then ask the bands to give The Sludgelord their thoughts and/or your impression of every photo.  There is no right or wrong answers. 

Formed in 2007 and rising like a phoenix from the ashes of notable Floridian heavyweights Bloodlet, the sludge/stoner metal gods of Asgard forged a new warrior, the five piece rock juggernaut Junior Bruce.   

The band releasef their latest album “Endless Descent” via A389 Recordings nn October 31st 2016  The album, which is their first full-length since their 2012 debut “The Headless King”, sees the band take their sound to a  whole new level and as a result, the band has created one of the best heavy albums of 2016.

Today at The Sludgelord we invite vocalist Scott Angelacos and guitarist Nate Jones to take part in the inaugural Sludgelord Rorschach and check out their answers below.  Endless Descent” is available order here

Black Sabbath

Scott: Now who's gonna write the riffs we steal to make our records??

Nate:  For being in a band that was on the "Son's of Sabbath" comp earlier this year put out by Metal Hammer UK I really should have made more of an effort to make it to one of these shows.  True legends!  I am completely baffled on how Ozzy is still able to sing as clearly and as good for his age as he can but can barely speak in any audible language.


Scott:  Lemmy is a god! Even his moles have thrones in the halls of Valhalla. 

Nate:  I will never forgive myself for missing the last show Lemmy played in Orlando.  I was stuck on the side of the road in S.Fla. For work covering for another employee.  I almost quit but kinda need the job until the JB record goes platinum.  I mean it shouldn't be long now right?

Phil Anselmo
Scott:  This is an ugly photo of you Phil. You look like a nazi skinhead. Your mother would be ashamed. 

Nate:   You know a while ago I was hanging with Aaron Beam (Red Fang) and Steve Gibb (Crowbar, Kingdom of Sorrow, BLS, son of fucking Barry Gibb!) at a show at the HOB and somehow I got on a tangent on how I can't stand how Phil goes on these damn rants between songs and how I thought it was stupid. 

I mean cut the shit and start the pit already!!  I don't think Steve liked my comments as his reply was along the lines of that Phil was his friend and he thought he was an amazing front man (seemed pretty defensive to my comments - and shortly after that conversation ended the two of them ditched me to go backstage.  Oops - foot in mouth I guess...).  Now I absolutely agree Phil is an amazing metal front man but this photo really sums up who we are talking about. 

Quit being an idiot dude.  Not appropriate anywhere...

The Misfits

Scott:  Any excuse to wear fishnet stockings on your arms. 

Nate: OH MY GOD SIGOURNEY WEAVER!!!!  I'm so excited for the new Aliens movie!!!!!!

Kim Kardashian
Scott:  So that's who's buying Metallica these days.

Nate:   Holy fucking buckle up buckaroo Bruce Jenner!!!  When did Robert Trujillo become ROBERTA Trujillo?  I hate to say it but he's looking pretty sexy now!

Baby Metal

Scott:  This lady and her kids are frightening me. 
Nate:  What the hell is wrong with Japan?  What the hell is wrong with the music industry?  Can someone just please sedate me until the 70's come back?
Axl Rose with AC/DC
Scott:   This almost makes more sense than Guns and Roses
Nate:  Axl, this redeemed you in my book my man.  Filling in for Brian Johnson was a very cool thing to do (not to mention a smart career opportunity).

Junior Bruce
Scott:  Coldest day of 2012. My cracker ass was freezing! Was an awesome time though! Pulling Teeth played their last show and Eyehategod played for hours. Both bands were amazing. 
Nate:  One of the greatest memories for me - A389 Bash and the release of “The Headless King” up in Baltimore!!
Band info: facebook || bandcamp