Thursday 24 November 2016

TRACK PREMIERE: "Doom Riffs and Stoner Spliffs" as Lizzard Wizzard prepare us for "Shithead Nihilism"

Lizzard Wizzard made an almighty splash into the underground doom scene back in November 2013 when they released their acclaimed self titled debut album, with it's rough mix of down-tempo stoner sludge riffs and a heavy dose of finely tuned doom to boot

Fast forward to 2015 and these talented Aussies released a blistering release in the form of “Dankrupt” that  left the underground scene foaming at the mouth because  “Dankrupt” was one heavy fucking bastard of a record and a brutal exercise in amp worship. Lizzard Wizzard appearing to thrive on the unadulterated and unflinching brutality they put the listener through. 

So having been away from the scene for the better part of 2 years these unruly noise makers are back with a brand new song, “Shithead Nihilism” which you can check out below.  The track is taken their new album "TOTAL WAR POWER BASTARD" which is due January 1, 2017 via their bandcamp page.  Until then prepare to be bludgeoned with “Shit Nihilism”.

Band info: Facebook ||BandCamp