Monday 21 November 2016

VIDEO PREMIERE: "evocative, unyielding, vast and overwhelmingly fulfilling" Atmopheric doom band Soothsayer debut "Umpire"

I have foreseen the future; the divination ushered forth from the rites of The Sludgelord extols a warning that a ruination is afoot from the foothills of Ireland.   Soothsayer are set to arrive with a tumultuous sophomore album,  in the form of their new masterpiece, 'At This Great Depth' which sees the band fallowing up their rapturous debut, with two new diabolic verses, that exude greater emotional range and yet remain vast, expansive and herculean in their alluring riffage.  

From this body of work merges a subtle myriad of influences into a cohesive, powerful sound unlike any other. This is atmospheric doom/sludge juxtaposed against a backdrop of sweeping black metal, giving a lurid yet wistful quality stirring up buried memories by way of its strangely alluring riffing and unconventional song writing. These stirring lamentations, are symbolic of both the suffering as well as the endless glimmers of hope flashing throughout them in life. Soothsayer's artistic expressionism is evocative, unyielding, vast but most importantly overwhelmingly fulfilling.   

See what you think with today’s premiere of the 16 minute monolith that is “Umpire” which you can checkout below.  'At This Great Depth' will be released on 30/12/2006 but is available to buy here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook