Tuesday 8 November 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Mother Mooch - “Nocturnes”

By: Jake Wallace

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: Out Now
Label: Krauted Mind Records

Their blend of psychedelia with grunge and stoner rock/doom is a highly sought after formula and Mother Mooch are keeping the secret closely guarded - and rightfully so.  ‘Nocturnes’ is an astounding album from a band that have the potential to conquer the world.

“Nocturnes” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). This Tempest
2). Sinners
3). My Song 21
4). Into the Water
5). L.H.O.O.Q.
6). Misery Hill
7). Hive Mind
8). Out On the Western Plain

The Review:

Mother Mooch are a 5-piece psychedelic doom grunge outfit from Dublin, Ireland. Originally releasing their highly-acclaimed debut album ‘Nocturnes’ back in November 2015, the band have now re-released it on vinyl through Krauted Mind Records (GER) and it is a stunning album from start to end, showcasing the amazing talent bursting out of Dublin’s stoner rock scene. 

Comprising of 8 tracks in total, the album has a diverse range of styles in the mixing pot. The first track, entitled ‘This Tempest’ kicks off the album and straight away you get the psychedelic grunge sound with a superbly tripped out intro that gives vocalist Chloë Ní Dhúada all she needs to give you a taste of her incredibly soulful voice. It’s an effortless display of vocal-work and becomes very hypnotising as the album progresses. The track slows down into a great jam around the 3-min mark and guitarist Sid Daly provides the flaming lead guitar work over a great grungy chord progression. 

Sinners’ is the next track on the album which starts off with a swinging guitar riff that you could listen to all day without it losing it’s initial impact. The band make great use of this rhythm and it works extremely well with Chloë’s vocals and the subtle touches of backing vocals adding an extra layer of depth to the song. There are so many different elements coming into play with this band and just when you think you know what it sounds like, it changes ever so quickly. They have a huge slab of the Palm Desert scene in their sound with a raw Seattle grunge sound as well as the psych/stoner rock sounds of bands like Purson, Blood Ceremony or Electric Citizen.  

My Song 21’ is the third track on the album and is probably one of their most grungy punk sounding songs. Very upbeat and packed with energy, it’s a hell of a wild ride. It’s also the shortest track on the album at 1:29 but it’s a great little blast of energy to remind you these guys can put on an action packed live show. 

Into the Water’ is the fourth track on the album and begins with a beautiful clean sounding guitar riff. It patiently glides along while the drums and bass wrap themselves into the mix so perfectly. Yet again, Chloë’s vocals are so soulful and powerful and the entire intro section is a work of art. Then before you know it, the main riff of the song comes in and it is dripping in bluesy stoner rock goodness. The coalescence between the clean sounding passages and the main riff is incredible and they gel together perfectly to construct a truly outstanding track. Around the 3:27 mark, the track takes flight into a final wah’d out section of blasting tempos which brings it to a close.

Track 5, entitled ‘L.H.O.O.Q’  kicks off with a bang and doesn’t fuck about from the get-go. Straight away we have riffs, solos, ripping bass lines and crushing drumming. This is a total rocker and the chorus section is undoubtedly catchy. ('The Mona Lisa in your head!')

Misery Hill’ is track 6 on the album and yet again we’re slapped in the face with more killer riffs. The tag ‘psychedelic doom grunge’ is definitely the most accurate way of describing this music. I just love the unreserved sense of calm in Chloë’s vocals no matter what the music is doing. The chorus section in this track is one of my favourites of them all. The way the riff leads the way and the backing vocals give her a pedestal to belt out those sublime lyrics. 

Track 7 ‘Hive Mind’ is definitely my favourite song on the album. Believe me, seeing this live is a hell of a solid performance and something you have got to see. It reminds me heavily of Tool and the vocals are just out of this world. They capture this incredibly dark, morbid sound so vividly. The drumming from Danni Nolan adds so much to this track and really makes it a primal, intense experience. This song also contains one of the most disgusting and filthiest riffs I’ve ever heard and just around 2:50 you will understand why. Total destruction everywhere. Danni returns in with the drums, building the atmosphere once again. Guitarist Farl also does some incredible work throughout this song and his precise style of playing goes incredibly well Sid’s lead work. 

The final track on the album is ‘Out on the Western Plain’. This is a story about cowboys and it ticks every box on offer. Such a solid, driving rhythm throughout and the phaser sounds on the guitars sound absolutely magnificent. Chloë’s vocal style is completely perfect for this type of music and her nonchalant aura emanates through the music - it’s controlled and soulful but loose and elegant at the same time. There are some serious bass lines present and some more ripping cosmic solos from Sid on this track and both guitars sound like the amplifiers have been erected on the moon. This is probably my silver medal winner after ‘Hive Mind’

Nocturnes’ is an astounding album by a band that have so much potential to get recognised on a global scale. They are without a doubt one of the best bands on the Emerald Isle in the present day and this record is hard evidence to support such a claim. Their blend of psychedelia with grunge and stoner rock/doom is a highly sought after formula and Mother Mooch are keeping the secret closely guarded - and rightfully so. 

Nocturnes” Vinyl Limited Edition is available through Krauted Mind Records here and you can download the album from Mother Mooch’s official store here
Band info: facebook || bandcamp

FFO: Electric Citizen, Purson, Blood Ceremony