Monday 14 November 2016

EP PREMIERE: "Lend them your ears – they will crush them" Gévaudan debut new EP "Litost" in Full

Gévaudan is a UK Doom band that delivers heavy, crushing riffs. Much like the fearsome historic tale that provides their namesake, the band’s live set creates an atmosphere of dread and gloom. Combining pounding riffs with soaring and at times frenzied vocals, Gévaudan deliver a thunderous live performance that get the most rigid of audiences moving to their heavy groove.

Based in Hertfordshire, UK, the four piece formed in 2013 with a desire to write heavy, crushing music.  Influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath, Goatsnake, Electric Wizard and Candlemass, the band has honed their sound whilst maintaining originality and diversity. This has reflected strongly through the band’s debut EP, “Message for the Damned” which has been received well by press The riffs are stiring, the playing crisp and assured and the vocals are also well worth noting for their quality (something not all doom bands can boast by any means!). It is quality stuff and forged from the very furnace of real metal that gave us Sabbath, Priest, Vitus, Candlemass, TGOS

Gévaudan’s name stems from the French folklore - La Bête du Gévaudan. The band’s live delivery reflects this tale, taking their pound of flesh from their audiences by the time they reach the end of their set.  Having shared stages with the likes of Bossk, Cruachan, Alunah, Samothrace, Sea Bastard, Ohmms, Witchsorrow and Slabdragger, they featured at this year’s Doom Over London festival and are scheduled for the Doom stage at 2017’s Hammerfest. The band is currently gigging throughout the UK. With a growing fan base they are starting to receive label interest and support for their work and are always very well received by the metal fraternity. 

The evolution of the band’s sound continues with the new EP “Litost” which delivers three tracks of heavy doom filled riffs themed around isolation, emotional loss and madness.  “Litost” will available from the 23d November “2016 and you can check out the full album in full below.  "Lend them your ears – they will crush them" You can preorder it here

“Litost” CD//DD track listing:

1. Wastes Eternal
2. The Ninth Circle
3. Lord of Decay

Band info: official || facebook || bandcamp