Wednesday 16 November 2016

ALBUM PREMIERE: “Guided by Evil Light” by Hungarian heavy/doom warriors SpiritBell

SpiritBell has arisen from the ashes of Aiming High, an Accept tribute band that was popular in the underground of Western Hungary. Influenced by artists such as Metal Church, Savatage, Mercyful Fate, Iron Maiden, Accept, and Judas Priest, the Hungarian warriors soon came up with their own songs. After a demo, two EPs, a full length, and a cover album they had become a known band in the Hungarian underground metal scene. Due to the fact that the audience of their music declined in Hungary, SpiritBell started to have fewer shows which ultimately led the band to their demise in 2013… However, the passion remained.

Despite these disappointments, SpiritBell remained restless and continued to produce new works in their workshop. The hard work of melting the Hungarian steel resulted in five brand new, darkness filled high-energy tunes. Unfortunately, the lack of interest locked these masterpieces in their cellars but we all know what they say about the chained beast… It eventually finds its way to the surface with an endless hunger for blood.

In 2016 times were different, people started to show interest in ringing the SpiritBell again, awakening the ghost of the once promising underground act. Sándor “Pixi” Patak”, singer and founding member of the band, decided to heed the call and resurrected the group by finishing the songs which were written after the split up. Five heavy/doom metal masterpieces were put in their final form in the home studio of Pixi’s friend. Five deadly songs about war, ghosts and other mysterious topics. Pixi is currently working on creating a stable line up to perform these tunes along with the old favorites.

The inner beast is unleashed in the image of saber wielding horse archers of Hungary, who like a deadly wave from East is ready to spread their heavy/doom metal music all around the world.

This release, originally planned as an EP, has been expanded with 5 extra tracks, bringing the playing time over 48 minutes and you can stream it in full below and if available to buy via Witches Brew 

“Guided by Evil Light” track listing:

1. The Nameless Soldier
2.  Desert Ghost
3. The Flying Dutchman
4. Breath of the Raven
5. Full Moon Madness
6. I am the Vengeance (Demo 2016)
7. Queen of the Night (Demo 2016)
8. Ivan the Terrible (Demo 2016 -Instrumental)
9. Horgonyt fel! (Demo 2012)
10. Doomed Planet (Demo 2013) - Cirith Ungol cover

Band info: facebook