Wednesday 23 November 2016

TRACK PREMIERE: “The Necro and the Rotten”: Mark Riddick's Fetid Zombie are “Lowered Beneath”

If you’re a fan of death metal, it is likely that over the last 25 years the artwork of Mark Riddick has caught your attention, having contributed artwork to hundreds of bands as wide-ranging as Arch Enemy, Arsis, Autopsy, Carnifex, Coffins, Deceased, Dethklok, Exodus, Grave, Hirax, Horrendous, Hypocrisy, Infernal Curse, Internal Bleeding, Kult of Azazel, Lividity, Morbid Angel, Mystifier, Nunslaughter, Revel in Flesh, Rotting Christ, Skull Fist, Suffocation, Suicidal Angels, The Black Dahlia Murder, Torture Killer, and Varathron, his works have become legendary within the underground metal scene, indeed most recently Riddick was referred too as the 25th most important person in metal, according to Metal Sucks. 

As well his unparalleled artistic ability, Riddick has a passion for occult-tinged old school death metal, with a vast musical discography to his name, having played in bands since the early 90’s. Formed in 2007, Fetid Zombie have released upwards of 15 releases since their debut “Pleasures of the Scalpel” and after a succession, splits (12), EPs (1) and full length albums (5) Riddick is set unleash his magnum opus. The album 'Epicedia' meaning ‘a funeral ode’ features unique collaborations with some of the most well-regarded musicians from around the world. 'Epicedia' is ambitious and epic in every sense of the word. Reminiscent of bands like The Chasm, Nocturnus, Grave, Deceased, Master and Sepultura, it's a mix of all styles and a blend of outstanding elements from each one of them but presented into truly necro and fetid earworm.

With each decompostion close to 10 minutes in length and with a total of four monoliths in total, each track showcases a progressive elaboration of death metal that is raw and decaying at its core.  In summation Fetid Zombie create rotten death metal with an unearthly aura, stuffed to the gills with fantastic solos and memorable song structures, one that is refreshing and atmospheric  in its own special way and if that hasn’t whetted your appetite for the truly necro then today’s stream of “Lowered Beneath” most certainly will. 

Band info: bandcamp || facebook