Tuesday 1 November 2016

“Because 11 is one louder”: Budgie (Warcrab) chooses his Top 5 Death metal albums

Critically acclaimed doom/death/sludge band Warcrab returned with their new album “Scars of Aeons”, a five track masterpiece that was released on digital formats on October 15th via Black Bow Records.

Warcrab have been making a name for themselves in the UK underground Metal scene since 2011. Hailing from the South West of England, the six piece have played the length and breadth of the country wowing audiences with their carefully crafted blend of Death, Sludge and Doom Metal.
The first release, a Self-titled EP, came in late 2012 and was very well received. Showcasing the bands heavy, sledgehammer approach to songwriting. The band began 2014 with a string of dates across the UK with London-based doomsters Diesel King, this provided great exposure for some of their crushing and dynamic new material from their eagerly awaited second EP “Ashes of Carnage”. This was premiered and the EP released when the band played to a huge audience on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock 2014 which was swiftly followed by a UK tour with Brazilian death mongers Krow. This second offering was a step up for the band as they strived to hone their sound and enhance what they had previously written.

In late 2015 the band entered Skyhammer Studios, with Chris Fielding (Conan) at the desk to embark on recording the third release “Scars of Aeons”. 2016 looks to be very promising for Warcrab, so following our exclusive reveal of a brand new track entitled “Conquest”,  a few weeks back, today we have invited guitarist Budgie from the band to choose his top 5 death metal albums, a genre that Warcrab are not strictly known for,  however they certainly do have elements of the sound in their music .  It’s time to turn the volume up to 11, because after all “11 is one louder

"Hey guys. I’m Budgie from Warcrab and I’ve been asked to provide you all with my top Five Death Metal albums of all time. To be honest this is gonna be tricky for me as I rarely listen to any newer Death Metal and when I do listen to Death Metal it is always albums from when I was a kid ya know? I kinda also don’t do the genres and sub genres thing to well, to me its just all metal except that some is more extreme than others. So my list of my all time fave albums might not all be Death Metal as such."

1) Slayer-“Raining Blood” (1986)

Bought this when it very first came out from Rival Records in Plymouth. We all used to go there on a Saturday to see what was new in and hang out (sadly it closed many years ago). I remember getting it home and putting it on in the front room and my Mum hitting the bloody roof. I also though what the fuck is this!!!! But just to be a pain in the ass I stuck it out to annoy her more than anything......Didn't play it for a few months after that. But that age my musical tastes were changing so quickly that when I had the guts to put it on again.......it never left me again.

2) Bolt Thrower- “Warmaster” (1991)

This is purly because at the time to me it sounded so sonic, with the never too fast chuggy riffs that were never too complicated and that sinister undercurrent of War running through it. Without really meaning to I think this has had a fair influence into Warcrab now. I used to live with an old friend of mine called Sicky, he used to live with Bolt Thrower in Leamington Spa when they were releasing “In Battle there is no Law”. If you look at the cover of it there is a standard being held above the battle with a guy holding a staff. Well Sicky drew that and also painted it on the back of my leather.....it looked cool as fuck.

3) Deicide-“Deicide” (1990)

Bought this home on a Saturday afternoon with my mate John, dropped acid and had a smoke then remembered what we had bought......stuck it on......freaked the fuck out.....turned it off.......listened to it when we were straight. Sounded so fucked up haha. Just an amazing album. Saw them in London around that time and they were staggering.

4) Sabbat-“Dreamweaver” (1989)

Thrashy dark magick entwined with amazing vocals/lyrics from Martin Walkyier and such good musicianship. Used to love the first two albums so so much.

5) Obituary-“Cause of Death” (1990)

When this album came out death metal was just exciting, we were all at that age where we just fell over each other to listen to new stuff that was coming out. Back then the market for extreme metal was nit flooded like it seems to be now. So when something hit it all felt like your eyes and ears had been opened to this new level of brutal sickness.....and i couldn't get enough of it. This album sums up for me the bands that were coming out of Tampa at the time and the guitar sound is just so fucking heavy, the solos are just fluid smooth liquid and John Tardy's vocals!!!!!!! Saw them on this tour and always remember John Tardy windmilling and every time you saw his face he had a massive fucking grin......that is what being in a Metal band is about right there.

Warcrab’s new album “Scars of Aeons” is available here

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