Wednesday 2 November 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Wasted Theory - "Defenders of the Riff"

By: Eric Crowe

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 30/10/2016
Label: No Slip (Vinyl) |
Doomsayer Records (Cassette)

“Defenders of the Riff” CD//CS//DD//LP track listing:

1. Get Loud or Get Fucked
2. Black Witch Blues
3. Atomic Bikiniwax
4. AmpliFIRE!
5. Gospel of Infinity
6. Belly Fulla Whiskey
7. Under The Hoof
8. …And The Devil Makes Three
9. Throttlecock
10. Odyssey Of The Electric Warlock

The Review:

“Defenders of the Riff” is right! Thank God for bands like Wasted Theory that keep straight up rock ‘n roll alive and well. High in the ranks along with Gruzer and The Medusa, this album is some serious hard hitting slab of badass, from the killer artwork by Alexander Von Weiding to the intense drive and catchy hooks. This album is perfectly crafted and completely ups the ante from “Death and Taxes” which was a flawless album in itself. Dirty rock, gritty vocals mixed either with riffs that have tons of drive, or slow chug that even makes you feel like a badass. Drums are fluent, clean, yet powerful as fuck. From beginning to end “Defenders of the Riff” will not disappoint.

These guys have really crafted something great and I know that I have been hooked on it for the past week, so I’m curious to see what will come in the future. This is definitely for fans of Clutch and Nashville Pussy, so get on this album.

 “Defenders of the Riff” is available here
 Band info: bandcamp || facebook