Tuesday 22 November 2016

INTERVIEW: "Tying Things Up" - In Conversation with Ufomammut

Interview by: Victor Van Ommen
Camera: Martin Luyckx

Just past their 15 year anniversary, Ufomammut is still putting in hard road time and putting out even harder albums. In 2014, the band released their eighth album, “Ecate,” which was their third – or fourth, depending on how you count – concept album. Suffice to say that Ufomammut is not only a prolific band but also one that continues to challenge themselves as well as their listeners.

We here at The Sludgelord had the opportunity last week to sit down with Ufomammut for a chat. We talked about their history as well as their inspirations. Though we tried to talk about the future of Ufomammut the new album – we couldn’t get anything out of them. More on that when the album is almost ready.

In any event, dig in to the interview below. We hope you enjoy it!

Band info: facebook