Tuesday 22 November 2016

ALBUM PREMIERE: Suffer Yourself get spiritual with "Ectoplasm"

Suffer Yourself play a unique blend of funeral/death/doom metal, with a touch of dark ambience Beyond subgenres, the music is dark and atmospheric, drawing influences from all around the metal spectrum, which can be heard throughout their discography.

Throughout their tenure, Suffer Yourself has existed in several locations. Originally founded in Poland in 2011, they then moved to Ukraine, developing a stable fan base and playing a number of shows, but eventually found a new home in Linköping, Sweden, where the band brought in fresh blood in the form of new local members Lars Abrahamsson (guitar) and Malcolm Sohlen (bass).

The first album, “Inner Sanctum”, was released in 2014 by Cimmerian Shade Recordings (USA), which was a follow-up to a demo published in 2012 and later released on limited edition cassette tape by Contaminated Tones (USA). With winter drawing in, their new album, "Ectoplasm", is set for release on November 25 2016 (digital/cassette/digipak) via Cimmerian Shade Recordings and with a vinyl release due in Early 2017.  The new album is a continuation of the path started on “Inner Sanctum”, but with a slightly different feel, this time with a more aggressive, but also darker sound.

The songs are filled with occult themes, dark matters and ambient parts, touching on themes of non-existence, spiritual experiences, the infinity of space and unrecoverable loss. Added to that the incredible artwork by Ibay Arifin Suradi, this is one album you wont want to overlook and today we’re going to make sure this band gets the attention they deserve with the premiere of this monumental slab of doom which you can checkout below.  “Ectoplasm” is available here

“Ectoplasm” CD//CS//DD//LP track list:

1). Ectoplasm
2). Abysmal Emptiness
3). The Core
4). Dead Visions
5). Transcend The Void

Band info: bandcamp || facebook