Wednesday 25 March 2015

AVER - Nadir (Album Review)

Album Type: Album
Date Released: March 22nd 2015
Label: Self Released

Nadir – Track Listing

1.The Devil's Medicine 09:41
2.Nest 06:45
3.Rising Sun 08:56
4.White Lies 07:49
5.Setting Sun 04:05
6.Caduceus 05:44
7.Promised Lands 08:03
8.Waves 09:47


AVER. From Sydney, Australia. Formed in 2008 with intent to create psyched out stoner sonic vibes. Chris, Jed, Luke, and Burdt are deep cleaning your third ear.


Luke: Guitar
Jed: Bass
Chris: Drums
Burdt - Guitar/Vocals


Aver released on of my fave albums in 2011 with their S/T debut album which won some minor acclaim within the Stoner Rock community 4 years ago. I've been a fan of these trippy psych rockers from down under since then. Now it's time for Aver to return with their follow-up album - Nadir. Has it been worth the 4 year wait? You betcha. As Nadir sees Aver progress into a different and heavier band we heard on their debut album. Aver have left the world of Stoner Rock and progressed into full-on Stoner Metal territory as Nadir is one hard-rocking ride that will appeal to fans of Kyuss, Sleep and Elder.

Aver still combine the old style riffs from their debut album but it's been given a progressive rock/metal makeover. Opening track - The Devil's Medicine is a full on Stoner Metal anthem as Aver impress from the start. Hazy and trippy riffs combined with Burdt's grungy vocals will soon transport you to the hot desert sun. You would think these guys were from California and not Australia as they have the legendary Desert Rock/Stoner Metal influence running through their veins. Nadir is a different album to their debut album but it still sounds also familiar especially when the band use familiar riffs from their debut album whilst giving them a more modern progressive feel.

Second track - Nest - feels like an extension from the opening track as Aver create more Stoner based noise to rattle your bones to. There are some epic guitar solos that prove Aver's time away has been well spent as they feel like a different band. Nest proves this point as the band play some intense progressive stoner metal riffs that will make Nadir a contender for Album Of The Year. The instrumental work is impressive through out and proves that Aver are a force to be reckoned with. Nadir runs for an impressive 60 mins or so and Aver keep you entertained through out. The album is packed full of too many great moments to mention. The band ‘explores many different genres and ideas that you may find it hard to keep up at times.

Third track - Rising Sun - has traces of Psych Rock, Desert Rock, Grunge and Progressive Stoner Metal all vying for complete control but Aver hold everything brilliantly together as you feel there's a chance that this can all go horribly wrong. Aver are now seasoned pros within their musical scene and they build up the momentum with some heavy and trippy musical vibes that will make you fall under their magical and dangerous spell. Aver combine the classic Grunge/Stoner Rock 90s sound with the more modern epic progressive stoner metal vibes that is slowly becoming quite popular at the moment. I've heard people say in the past that Burdt's vocals are way overdone and should be scaled back. I say - No way. It shows Burdt has a style all of his own and it more than captures the majestic and heavy sound that Aver are so passionate about.

Aver do show their caring side on 4th track - White Lies - as the song goes from 'slow paced tender moments to the heavier fast paced angry riffs to awaken your body to. OK enough of the song-by-song review. Trust me when I say the 2nd half of the album is just as good as the 1st half though Aver focus mainly on the more slower psychedelic stoner based vibes compared to the 1st half's heavier songs. If you haven't heard of Aver before then you need to check these guys out now. Nadir is a must-have album and one that's going to win them a lot of praise within the Stoner Metal community. It's one of those albums that have the potential to raise a band's profile to a wider audience. Aver deserve it as they've created two excellent albums in a row but it's Nadir that shows the world what they can actually do.

If any Independent Record Label Owner is looking for a brilliant album to release on Vinyl then look no further. Sign these guys up now as this album 'would sound great on wax. Nadir is a powerful and emotional album that's going to end up on a few peoples best of 2015 albums lists including mine. Do yourself a favour and buy this album now. You won't be sorry.

Thanks to Aver for the promo. Nadir is now available to buy on CD/DD.

Words by Steve Howe

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