Sunday 22 March 2015

Kult Of The Wizard - The White Wizard (EP Review)

The White Wizard cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: March 13th 2015
Label: Self Released

The White Wizard – Track Listing

1.Tusk Of Mammoth 06:44
2.Olde Fashioned Black Magik 03:52
3.Plasma Pool 03:41
4.Black Moon 07:27
5.Devil Delight 07:19


Spit forth from the bowels of earth, Kult of the Wizard erupted in early 2013 in its first form and was captured as The Red Wizard. Written and recorded in a week, it’s a collection of songs about the burning destruction of man’s less than desirable habits. Less than a year later another form surfaced from the watery black depths and The White Wizard brought destruction to the shores. Carrying with it waves of monsters and ominous abode, The White Wizard explored the realm of space as it relates to a crushing watery grave. 

In 2015, the third form arrived, The White Wizard. Crafted with care and purity the album explores a tender subject of love. It’s in this form that Kult Of The Wizard resides physically. Tuned into their natural vibrations riff slingers, Aaron Hodgson and Ryan Janssen bring sonic devastation held steadfast by the drums of battle from Anthony Bierstedt. And just when you thought the bleak end was eminent, the soaring vocals of Mahle Roth bring life. Focusing their sound on aural landscapes each song becomes more about exploring the ride of the riff and less on a set form, presenting a live visual that takes the audience to a space outside of themselves and pushes their bodily resonances together into one unified form and experience.

Kult of The Wizard is a collection of human beings that set forth to bring different forms of Mother Nature to light. In each form a wizard presents itself and reigns down with all their force. Shaking mountains and bringing oceans to unrest, Kult Of The Wizard carves a path of destruction and life in hopes to bring favor to the powers divine.

Praise be to Gaia, the great creator, the great destroyer. All hail the riff.


Guitars - Aaron Hodgson
Bass - Ryan Janssen
Drums - Travis Nordahl
Vocals - Mahle Roth


Kult Of The Wizard are getting a ton of praise within the Doom/Stoner Metal Community at the moment as a potential band to look out for in the future. And you know what – This band is something else. Damn!!! - Wait until the trippy occult based Stoner/Doom riffs on their brilliant new release – The White Wizard.

Truth be told I hadn't heard of this band and shame on me as they've released two stunning records before The White Wizard. Sure those two releases were purely instrumental and the band have recruited a kick-ass vocalist since then – Mahle Roth. The White Wizard is the dark and twisted result of bring Mahle to the group and it's a great decision as Mahle can sing. And I mean Mahle can really sing. Heavy, soulful and dirty blues rock vocals.

Mahle should be singing with a Blues Rock band not a Doom/Stoner Metal band such as this. The White Wizard is packed full of great moments to leave you begging for more. Fans of Witch Mountain will sure get a kick out of this band but it's more than good enough for Kult Of The Wizard to stand as their own band. If you're not moved by the Soulful Occult Rock based blues of Olde Fashioned Black Magic then it's best to check if you're still alive or not. This is a highly passionate and highly volatile number where Mahle's impressive vocals are more than backed up by the heavy sludgy doom and gloom guitar tones with great drumming to match.

The album is very dark, creepy and disturbing as the band create a rather unsettling atmosphere for you to embrace yourself with. 3rd track – Plasma Pool – is purely ambient noises and soundbytes added together but it makes for one of the albums unsettling tracks. Nice work folks...

Though its' back to normal business on Black Moon. Another stunning blues drenched Occult/Stoner/Doom Metal musical odyssey that's packed with soulful riffs and vocals with a dark sinister edge. This song could be classed as a murderous creepy love song. As Mahle's vocals draw you in once more before devouring you with deadly precision. The band impressed me the most with the last song on the album. A cover of a Heart song no less. Truth be told, I hate Heart with a passion so I was worried when the band included a cover of Heart's supposed classic – Devil's Delight.

Damn, was I wrong. Kult Of The Wizard turn this song into a dark and nightmarish classic of their own. Who the hell knew that a Heart song would make a brilliant Doom/Stoner Metal anthem and that's what the band do. Make this song their own as they slowly build up the atmosphere with creepy blues rock driven occult riffs.

Kult Of The Wizard have delivered a truly wonderful EP for everyone to check out. Lets hope their full length record is good as this as this band have potential to something very special in the years to come. Outstanding. End Of.

Words by Steve Howe

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