Friday 20 March 2015

BANTORIAK - Weedooism (Album Review)

Album Type: Album
Date Released: April 13th 2015
Label: Argonauta Records

Weedooism – Track Listing

01 Entering the Temple
02 Lysergic Tantra
03 Try to Sleep
04 Hidden Number Two
05 Smoke the Magma
06 Chant of the Stones


BANTORIAK is a project by Izio Orsini, involving other Italian musicians, that follows the one vision of an experimental work influenced by psychedelic, doom and atmospheric sound. Beyond genres, it flows as hypnotic trip from the Ganges river to the California desert, reflecting the genuine approach on the musical taste, playing entirely with 70's vintage and handcrafted instruments. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mattia Cominotto at Greenfog Studio (INFECTION CODE, EREMITE), Weedooism features on drums Fabio of EREMITE and guest vocals by Rosy (PROFANAL) and Giacomo (ISAAK).


Bantoriak's debut album - Weedooism - is a very hard one to describe. Parts Stoner, Ambient, Drone and New Age Mysticism. Bantoriak feel like the next evolution of Stoner Rock especially if you're a fan of OM, Sleep and Black Sabbath. There are not many bands around like Bantoriak as they take you on a trippy journey of self discovery with huge space rock weedian riffs to alter your perception on time and space.

Opening track - Entering The Temple - is aptly named as this song transports you into a higher dimension of being with eastern based chants and hints of Ambient Drone Noise to get your mind ready for the trippy journey that awaits you. It's an inspired and brave choice to open the album with this kind of track as it doesn't scream excitement but it opens your mind to the possibilities of where this album is heading. Second track - Lysergic Tantra - keeps the trippy spaced out vibe though traces of Doom Metal and Stoner Rock start to make their presence known with the albums standout track.

This is Bantoriak in full mystic spaced out crazy flow and it's a joy to listen to. As the music becomes ever more majestical to lure you into a trippy blissful state. The vocals once again fall under the eastern based chants as Bantoriak let all the positive Stoner Rock vibes do all the talking. There is still a sense of Doom and Gloom amongst the crazy psychedelic and experimental nature of the song.

Third track - Try To Sleep - carries on the spaced out journey with conviction as the music becomes ever heavier as Bantoriak explores some of the albums heaviest moments on this track. Bantoriak is primarily the work of one man - Izio Orsini - though he has involved other musicians from the celebrated Italian Hard Rock/Stoner Rock scene. Though all the work and vision is down to Izio. He takes you to a twisted version of Desert Rock where nothing is as it seems. Izio is truly enjoying his role as the Mystical Shaman weaving tales of spaced out riffs and ideas that your brain may not fully comprehend on the first listen of the album.

Fourth Track - Hidden Number Two - is possibly the albums more experimental track as Izio ventures into the realm of Electronica with hints of ambient noises creating a more unsettling vision as the song stays bleak and desolate through out. The song has a haunting piano playing at different times and it's quite emotional at times. Bantoriak then industrial based noises which I didn't expect at all. The doomy guitars finally appear towards the end though it's the superb piano work that holds your attention.

It's back to normal business with the 5th track - Smoke The Magma - which sees Bantoriak transport you back to the realm of Desert Rock with the heavy riffs drenched in vibrant Stoner Metal energy. Tribal based chants are the main vocal delivery once again as the album relies on the listeners imagination on what the chants/vocals actually mean. And that's one of the strongest points of the album. The vocals make you think what the heck is going on but in a good way. It doesn't distract from the brilliant music that Bantoriak has created here. As Bantoriak expertly merges Drone, Doom, Stoner and Desert Rock to impress you with.

All this leads us onto the excellent final track - Chant Of The Stones - which is the albums more straight forward Stoner Rock/Metal song. It still has its fair share of experimental noises but it plays out like a true Stoner Metal song as the riffs explode into loud violent energy for you to rock out to. It has plenty of distorted droned out fuzz for all you Fuzz Rock fans to survive from. Bantoriak brings in 70s style Hard Rock/Prog Rock to the album which ends the album on a mighty loud finish. Weedooism is a strange, weird and wonderful album from a hugely talented individual.

If you're a fan of spaced out trippy Stoner/Doom Metal then this album is the one for you. I loved it. Kudos to Gero at Argonauta Records for signing another great band/artist to his label. Weedooism is a brilliant album. Though it's a shame it only lasts 30 mins or so. Hopefully the next record will be slightly longer. Other than that hunt this album down when it's released soon.

Thanks to Barbara at NeeCee Agency and Gero at Argonauta Records. Weedooism will be available to buy on CD/DD from Argonauta Records on 13thApril 2015.

Words by Steve Howe

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