Friday 20 March 2015

Space Probe Taurus - Mondo Satan (Album Review)

Album Type: Album
Date Released: April 28th 2015
Label: Ripple Music

Mondo Satan – Track Listing

Scorpio Queen
Kill City Death Cult
Spahn Ranch Motherfucker
Make Me Bleed
Galaxy Travelin' Blues
Mondo Satan
Dust Joint
The Iguana
The Righteous One


Originally formed as Snake Machine in 1992 it wasn’t until a name change and shortening of their songs in ’97 that the band settled into doing what they do best; preaching the gospel of dirty garage rock. Swedish style.

Often compared to the likes of Mudhoney, The Stooges, MC5 and Blue Cheer – the latter of whom SPT paid tribute to with a ripping cut of ‘Second Time Around’ on Black Widow Records’ Blue Explosion – their music is influenced by late ’60s psych rock and low-budget B-movies like Psychomania and Angels From Hell. (Anobsession that quickly led on to the band contributing music to the 2005 snuff documentary Actress Apocalypse and I Am Vengeance in 2012.)

Band Members

Sjöberg - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Enberg - Bass & Backing Vocals


For a band that's been around since 1992 (OK the guys did change their name to Space Probe Taurus in 1997) it's almost criminal that Mondo Satan is only Space Probe Taurus second full length album after almost 23 years in existence. Sure they've released one full length album and a wide range of EP's and demos to critical acclaim. Thank our lucky stars that our good pals at Ripple Music have signed this great band to their label as Mondo Satan is an absolute blast from start to finish.

Sure these guys are highly influenced by Monster Magnet but Space Probe Taurus deserves to be taken as their own band. Their sound is more of a Fuzz Rock, Garage Rock, Psych Rock vibe with the band showing their love for 60s Psych Rock from the Biker Movies from the same era. Put all this trippy goodness together and you have an album that's packed full of great tunes to rock out to. There's nothing progressive here just good old fashioned Fuzzed Up Acid style Stoner Rock jams with a band playing for the love of the music.

Opening track - Scorpio Queen - comes at you like an out of control gang looking for their next battle as these guys are primed ready with Acid Rock style Stoner/Punk/Fuzz riffs. The vocals have a raw DIY feel and that's keeping to the bands DIY ethos that has served them so well over the years. The sound isn't the most polished but I wouldn't have it any other way as it gives Space Probe Taurus a real air of authenticity that you cannot get with some Stoner Rock bands. You feel this band live and breathe the crazy 60s Psych Rock scene though with a great modern sound to match as well.

Second track - Kill City Death Cult - starts with a trippy soundclip with a sense of danger lurking around the corner. It has a slight Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats vibe as the band venture further into their trippy psych rock persona for one of the albums standout tracks. The opening two tracks should tell you what's in store for the rest of the album as the band entice you early on tales of rebellious carnage all told through the power of Acid Fuzz/Psych Rock/Stoner Rock beats. The album is brilliantly produced and played by all from start to finish.

It's very hard to find fault with this album as these guys play at a breakneck speed you won't have time to catch your breath. Especially on tracks such as - Spahn Ranch Motherfucker, Galaxy Travelin' Blues, Mondo Satan and Superfuzzed. If you miss mid 90s sounding Monster Magnet then Space Probe Taurus is the band for you. With so many bands joining on the Retro sounding band-wagon it's great to hear a band having so much fun without caring what anybody else thinks.

If you're not rocking out to - The Righteous One - then there's no hope for you - as the band create more crazy psychedelic riffs with a major rebellious streak running through its veins. Mondo Satan is an album for all you Acid Rock/Fuzz/Stoner Rock freaks to go crazy over. 

I hope these guys tour the UK one day as I want to see these guys in action to see if they are this wild and crazy in real life. Do yourself a favour, when this album is released, grab a copy of this album as it's a thrilling and adventurous album from one of Stoner Rock's true underground heroes finally starting to receive the attention that they truly deserve.

Thanks to Richard at Sheltered Life for the promo. Mondo Satan is available to buy from Ripple Music on CD/DD on 28th April 2015.

Words by Steve Howe

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