Sunday 29 March 2015

Bleeding Eyes - GAMMY (Album Review)

Album Type: Full-Length
Date Released: 12/12/2014
Label: Go Down Records

‘GAMMY’ DD/LP track listing:

1). La Chiave
2). Amaro Tez (O.O.D.)
3). Kevin’s Space
4). A Fistful of Dynamite
5). Lacrime Fiume Sangue Dolore
6). Full Fledged
7). Demon Haze
8). Ama-Rosa
9). Keep Calm and Fail
10). GAMMY

Bleeding Eyes is

Lorenzo Conte | Drums & Backing Vocals
Marco Dussin | Bass
Simone Tesser | Vocals
Jason Nealy | Guitars
Nicola Anselmi | Guitars
Tommaso Mantelli | Effects 


Bleeding Eyes is a sludge band from Italy who has done a great job presenting their new album “GAMMY” Their artwork is top notch and appropriately alludes to their sinister sound. The fact that the band consists of six players, all of whom are of equal importance, means that the music is dense. Each track is filled to overflowing, sometimes leading to chaos or restlessness. A slew of guest musicians have been brought into the fold as well for the recordings, and although I don’t know who they are, I’m sure that if I were from Northern Italy I would be impressed. One aspect of the band’s sound that they haven't included in the look of this album is their psychedelic – though I use that term lightly – influence. Unfortunately, the combination of Bleeding Eyes' sinister, chaotic, and psychedelic elements, as well as the dense nature of the music, doesn't always play out in the band’s favor.

The album kicks off promisingly with a demonstration of the band’s control of atmospherics. It flows nicely from the quiet and subdued to a more aggressive sound without being overwhelming. But by the time “Amaro Tez” comes around, the band brings a whole new meaning to the concept of controlling the atmosphere. Rather than taking the listener on a journey, they relentlessly bangs its way forward, each instrumentalist seemingly ignoring the others for the most part and from this point on, incessant banging seems to be the theme of the record. This does work, for the most part, as it makes the music feel claustrophobic and manic which, if another look is taken at the artwork, is what the band is going for. A lot of the time, the tension in the music is palpable, as it is in a well made horror movie, where even the viewer feels hunted and confined.

‘GAMMY’ isn’t necessarily a heavy album. Rather, it is relentless and at times exhausting. Considering their presentation, the album is exactly the product that the band set out to make and the pieces do fall into place. If you have the desire to dive head first into an album that is going to grab you by the throat and not let go, then head on over to Bleeding Eye's Bandcamp page and get your hands on their “name your price” download.

Words: Victor Van Ommen

‘GAMMY’ is available here

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