Tuesday 3 March 2015

Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters - Earth Hog (Album Review)

Earth Hog cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 05th February 2015
Label: Self Released

Earth Hog – Track Listing

1.Earth Hog 06:45
2.Chopsticks and Bad Meatballs 04:12
3.Devil's Buttermilk 04:40
4.Mother Chub 06:52
5.Riff Richard 05:52


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Featuring "that ginger wanker" from dopefight, the "camden Hippie Goth" from witchfist and "Steven Segal's drum tech & pony tail buffer/Vin Diesel's tank top tailor" from mama moonshine...have come together to create blah blah fuckin blah!!!


Will (c)H(ubby)art- four strings // wah
Owen C(hubby)arty- six strings // throats // keys
Mark (chu)B(by)uckwell - drums // cowbells // triangles


When I settled down to listen to “Earth Hog” by Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters for the first time I had an inkling that I wasn’t in for a progressive post rock concept album in four movements. Turns out that I was right, as what we have here is five tracks of balls-out, full-party, filthy, stoner rock that will take you from clean shaven to massive dirty beard in just under 30 minutes.

If the idea of a band combining the good time stoner rock of Fu Manchu and the darker, nastier sounds of Weedeater with a hybrid of John Garcia and Matt Pike on vocals sounds like a great idea, CTBKM are the band you’ve been waiting for. Consisting of members of fine current and former bands such as Dopefight, Grey Widow and Witchfist, you know that you are in safe hands here.

Roaring into life with the title track, every song here is roughly five minutes of sleazy, fuzzy riffs of all shapes and sizes, traversing twists and turns you don’t normally expect from this kind of music. Rarely do things slow down below a breakneck pace, exhibited particularly well by the exhilarating, high-octane intro to “Chopsticks and Bad Meatballs”. Finale “Riff Richard” takes a bit of a breather, beginning at a sedate tempo. This doesn’t last long though as the band put pedal to metal once more and lock into a Children of the Grave-style galloping chug before you know it. If you aren’t already sold on the idea of CTBKM, the liberal use of cowbell and bass wah throughout should be enough to win over sceptics.

Full respect to Sam Thredder too, fresh from making Earthmass’ recent “Collapse” sound galactically crushing he works his production magic again here to make everything sound suitably Chubby. Hopefully this album will get a full physical, preferably vinyl, release soon as it’s an intoxicating blast of infectious dirty rock’n’roll that deserves to be heard far and wide.

Words by Charlie Butler

Thanks to Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters for the promo. Earth Hog is available to buy now.

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