Friday 13 March 2015

Bong Threat - 'Bong Threat' (Album Review)

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 15/12/2014
Label: Self Released

‘Bong Threat’ DD track listing:

1). Most Precious Weed
2). Fisted Sister
3). Legalise It
4). Bong Threat
5). Donkey Bong/War Pigs
6). The Wrestler

The Band:

Jim | Guitar and Vox
Andrew | Bass and Vox
Keenan | Drums and Vox


Bong Threat, three guys from Ferguson, MO, who appeared on the doom front late last year with their eponymous 6-track debut, have created a sound which they have called “Party Doom.”  Lyrically, they wax poetic on the joys of smoking (and the hopes of legalizing) marijuana, but make no mistake…the music is 100% doom.  I was highly impressed with their first track entitled “Most Precious Weed” upon my first listen, and with that said to myself, “This is the review for me.” 

Starting off with a wave of swirling feedback, it reaches its crescendo then kicks into gear with a head-nodding rhythm around the 1 minute mark.  At 2 minutes it really picks up the pace but then slows down again when the vocals kick in, which I may add fit perfectly with the tone of the music.  A gravelly growl that is not overdone, so thankfully it works well.

The following track, “Fisted Sister,” definitely channels some Eyehategod (especially in the beginning section).  Then slows it down to an almost acoustic-style rhythm before turning the “electricity back on” if you will, and we’re back to doom land once more.  Onwards then and “Legalize It” is a 6-minute droner, lyrically expounding on the injustices suffered by those who partake in the “sweet leaf.”  Heavy, doomy and gloomy.  Excellent!

Next up is their namesake track, “Bong Threat.”  This one starts off slow and heavy as one would imagine, but then alternates in between with some of fastest drum beats of the album.  With very few vocals throughout, this is the track where the drummer gets to intermittently show off his skin bashing skills.  Overall very solid.

 “Donkey Bong / War Pigs,” is up next and is my favorite track of the album.  It’s a slow-churning dirge at first that builds to a faster tempo head-nodder by midway.  It has an excellent riff and a nice, crunchy tone.  Hear this you’ll and see why this was an instant favorite of mine.

The 6th and final song of the album is titled “The Wrestler.”  This one starts off heavy but soon turns into a somber guitar strummer, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It’s a great song but I am not so sure this would fall into their category of “Party Doom,” as the tone of the song is very downtrodden and bleak, ending with the screams of a man suffering a pain unknown.  

“Bong Threat” definitely have something good going here, so don’t let this one pass you by and make sure you give it a listen.    

Words by: Mike Lainez

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