Tuesday 3 March 2015

The Sludgelord News: Sludge Metallers HOGSLAYER announce second album and UK tour

Sludge metal outfit HOGSLAYER are set to release their second album ‘Defacer’ via cult label Undergroove Records on May 4th 2015.

The follow up to 2013's self titled release, Defacer showcases 8 tracks of evocative misery, infused with throat-stripping vocals that churn over sludgey, low slung grooves and hulking riffs. HOGSLAYER’S second album promises big and delivers bigger.

Formed in 2012, the year the world ended, HOGSLAYER rose from the ashes of Shaped By Fate and Zonderhoof, dragging with them their dank, squalid musical output.

For a taster of the band's sound, watch the video for the track Despiser here.

Says HOGSLAYER bassist Grym av Skugga, "Defacer is the result of us heading in a heavier and darker direction. We've made the decision to incorporate two bassists rather than two guitarists and taken a stripped down approach to the writing process, leaving a bleak and abysmal dissonance in its place. It’s our take on doom-ridden sludge and we’re looking forward to people hearing it.”

Having previously slaughtered the stage at Bloodstock Festival, the band are now set to tour the UK throughout March and April with more dates and festival appearances being added throughout the summer. Confirmed dates are as follows: 

Mar 25            Kraak, Manchester, UK    
Mar 26            Downstairs, Aberdeen, UK        
Mar 27            Cerberus Bar, Dundee, UK
Mar 28            Gorilla Studios, Hull, UK     
Mar 29            The Moon, Cardiff, UK  
Apr 05             The Moon, Cardiff, UK  
Apr 11             Hollowfest Doom All-Dayer, Bristol, UK
May 02            Red Sun Festival, Cardiff, UK
Aug 20            The Wheatsheaf, Oxford, UK

Keep up to date with tour info: http://www.bandsintown.com/Hogslayer

HOGSLAYER’S album ‘Defacer’ is set for worldwide release through Undergroove Records on May 4th, 2015.


1: Slowhawk

2: Despiser

3: Wülfbaanger

4: Bludgeon

5: Burn Them Out
6: Warcries
7: Bastards Of Reality
8: This Spiteful Cycle


Lord Bastard – Throat
Barren Drakk – Guitar
Grym Av Skugga – Bass
Damek Ômsk - Bass
Max Von Beek – Drums

Source: Holdtight PR

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