Sunday 15 March 2015

Watchtower - Radiant Moon (EP Review)

Radiant Moon cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 10th March 2015
Label: Magnetic Eye Records

Radiant Moon – Track Listing

1.Radiant Moon 09:03
2.Living Heads 07:09


Robbie Ingram - Guitar
Ben Robertson - Bass Guitar
Joel McGann - Skin Flute/Carlton Draught
Nico Guijt - Vocals


Watchtower's debut EP - Radiant Moon - is building up a lot of hype before it's officially released on Magnetic Eye Records and it's hype that's wholly justified. As Watchtower are going to be one of the breakout stars from the Doom/Stoner Metal scene to look out for in 2015 and beyond. Radiant Moon maybe 16 minutes long but it more than delivers than most full length records can only dream about. Heavy psychedelic doom and gloom riffs spliced with hints of bleak Stoner based Weedian vibes.

The opening title track - Radiant Moon - is a harsh exercise in volume and volume with heavy pounding guitars, drums and vocals all vying for your attention. It's all out war. Mike from Magnetic Eye Records must have known what he was signing to his label as these talented Aussie's are in full confident mood as the music is spellbinding through out. Fans of Kyuss, Sabbath, Sleep and High On FIre may have heard their favourite new band of 2015. Radiant Moon has a violent psychedelic energy where the guitars are down-tuned to heck for a more direct threat to your senses.

The vocals are especially sharp. Remember that lead vocalist – Nico - is originally from Holland and used to be part of Hardcore/Sludge/Stoner Mob - Herder - before he emigrated to Australia. Well Herder's loss is definitely Australia's and Watchtower's gain. He's a lot more confident on this record compared to his previous output. Though this is Watchtower's world and they drag you in with tales of madness and despair. Watchtower turn into violent noise-overlords towards the end of the song as the atmosphere becomes very loud and unpredictable. The song fades out with ambient noises that instantly propel you into the next hard-hitting round for you to survive from.

The 2nd and final track - Living Heads - is a more fast paced affair compared to Radiant Moon as Watchtower unleash with an unstoppable Doom/Stoner Metal riff before slowing things down for a more stripped back bass-heavy affair. The vocals yet again see lead vocalist – Nico – venturing his anger to the world. This song is more Stoner Metal orientated compared to Radiant Moon. It more than matches the volatile excitement of Radiant Moon as Watchtower know they only have a short space of time to impress you with. They don't waste a single second. I can detect a slight Dopethrone influence but maybe that's just me.

Radiant Moon is a stunning EP as Watchtower justifies the hype currently being thrown their way. Australia has provided the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal world with an awesome new band to check out. I do hope that Watchtower explore the Ambient/Psychedelic Noise part of their music on their full length release as they create some interesting ideas that need exploring further. Until then, Radiant Moon is a must have EP. You need to buy this EP. Trust me on this. These guys are going places. Watchtower have the potential to be major players in the years to come.

Thanks to Mike at Magnetic Eye Records for the promo. Radiant Moon is available to buy on DD now.

Words by Steve Howe

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