Friday 6 March 2015

Fashion Week - Prêt-à-Porter (Album Review)

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released:
Label: Solar Flare Records

‘Prêt-à-Porter’ CD//DD//LP track listing:

1. Fendi Bender
2. Chorusace
3. Meek Is Miznabble
4. Summer Line
5. Fur Free Friday
6. Klosstrophobia
8. Haute Topic

Fashion Week are:

Josh Lozano (Inswarm, Jarboe),
Carl Eklof (Inswarm, Lidia Stone, Victory at Sea)
Oscar Albis Rodriguez (No Way, Nakatomi Plaza)


It seems that after a genre is created and "peaks" in the eye of the popular opinion that weird interpretations pop up of the genre. One such style is noise rock, which itself is loosely listed by Post-(Insert genre). Usually rock or metal, these styles are populated by bands that wish to play music, but don't really get the whole band thing. They simply play in the same room, throwing sounds like a toddler throws toys, hoping that it sounds eclectic enough to come off as artsy or at least fashionably tussled. What they really sound like is people who don't know how to play anything with anyone. It’s just a noise, and doesn't really give me anything to grasp inside my heart and mind. Don't just throw a jumble at me, give it some thought and make an intelligent mess. 

A band that breaks this mould is Fashion Week, who just dropped their new hot mess, Prêt-à-Porter. They have a burning energy, a binding passion in their sound, and it makes all the weird parts seem like perfectly normal touches. The band plays with a groove that is unmistakable, even when the singer(s) are screaming everything at you, and it gives you a road to walk down while you look at all the strange colors they paint with. They completely ignore the dumb all-the-noises song not-structure, and go with a strong song, based on some killer chord-heavy grooves, great drumming, and a very Deftones-esque execution (except listenable and not whiny). 

Prêt-à-Porter is really a fun listen, and receives a warm welcome from me. I didn't stop listening halfway through the opening verse of the first song, which is a glorious start. ‘Fendi Bender’ is an excellent intro for this album, has one of the sweetest melodies you'll hear out of a current band, and gets stuck in the brain pan for a while after. Really, it indicates some of what you should expect out of the album: smart writing, some tongue-in-cheek humor (if your fast, you'll get the possible joke behind ‘Chorusace’. Refer to band title), excellent playing, and honestly just having a fun sound. It's not reaching for obtuse art, nor is it vintage 80s death metal. It’s accessible.

Another great slice is ‘Meek is Meeznable’. For a sub 3 minute song, it sucks you in for what feels like much longer. It’s beautiful if you take the time to listen to the band and what they are doing.  The vocals, although slightly jarring if you haven't listened to much metal or hard rock, don't fall into lock step so much as hop a piggy back ride all the way through. 

If you want a new sound, and you don't mind giving it a couple listens to find the gold thread woven throughout, check out Fashion Week. It'll look great on you!

Words by: Hunter Young

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