Sunday 8 March 2015

The Hicks - Vibration Of Sound (Album Review)

Vibration Of Sound cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 26th July 2014
Label: Self Released

Vibration Of Sound - Track Listing

1.Insane Encounter 05:29
2.100mph Suicide 04:50
3.The Quest 06:33
4.Vibration Of Sound 04:37
5.Pass It On 04:59
6.Mr Diamond 02:37
7.For What Reason 04:44
8.Substitute For Pleasure 06:09
9.High Life Low Living 07:31
10.Prove Me Wrong 04:47
11.Waves Of The Azores 05:34


The Hicks are a 3 piece alternative/hard rock with a hint of reggae band based in the North West Over the last 11 years they have built up an excellent live reputation and released 3 albums / 4 e.p's and a dvd. The latest album recorded in the summer of 2014 is titled VIBRATION OF SOUND and is their best and most detailed work to date.


al - vox/guitar
paul dean - bass


Vibration Of Sound was a very hard album for me to review as The Hicks style of music is a blend of Hard Rock, Stoner Rock and Reggae. Truth be told, Reggae music is one of my least favourite musical genres. So I went into this album very cautious and with a little sense of dread.

Low and behold I was pleasantly surprised by this album. As The Hicks blend Clutch style theatrics with a dirty Blues Rock Groove with hints of Reggae only showing up now and again. The Hicks know how to write a catchy riff with blistering vocals from Al. The Hicks have written an album packed full of great tunes to blast your hearing with.

Opening songs – Insane Encounter, 100mph Suicide and The Quest get you in the mood to cause some serious fucking damage as these guys play at loud volume. The Hicks will appeal to a lot of you within the Stoner/Hard Rock crowd as the albums is an exciting and violent listen at times. The reggae vibes come on strong on 4th track – Vibration Of Sound – where the band prove they aren't afraid to mix things up a bit as the Stoner groove takes a back seat to some deft played riffs with hazy vocals to match. It even got me in the reggae mood which is a very hard thing to do.

Though I do prefer when the band in full hard rock territory but these guys have a great reputation within the UK Scene so what do I know!!! - The album sounds fantastic from start to finish as you can feel these guys put their heart and soul into the album. Later songs such as For What Reason, Substitute For Pleasure and Prove Me Wrong – contain some of albums heaviest riffs and where the band truly come to life with impressive instrumental work from all concerned.

So yeah I do like this album a great deal. It's a fun and action packed slab of heavy riffs from a band who are definitely worth your time.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

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