Thursday 19 June 2014

Amaxa - On The Other Side - Album Review

Album Type: EP
Date Released: May 15th 2014
Label: Self Released

On The Other Side - track listing:
01) Strawberry Jam 18:08
02) Human Waste 6:01
03) Welcome To Paradise 5:55
04) Unsatisfied 5:24
05) Cynical To Mystery 6:14


Amaxa is heavily influenced by riff-rock from the early 70s like Mountain, Black Sabbath and Kebnekajse. It´s a raw but yet tender musical experience.

Amaxa builds the music around the riff as the starting point of a song. From that first riff it´s an organic process forward until a finished song sees the day. The music has also improvisational elements and a jazzy attitude.

Band Members

Jimmy Halvarsson, Christoffer Kingstedt, Anders Broström, Erik Broström.


Amaxa made an impression with us when they donated a track to our very first Sludgelord BandCamp compilation. Their blend of psychedelic stoner riffs taking influence from the 70s Hard Rock scene with band such as Black Sabbath, Mountain and Deep Purple. The guys are back to entertain the hell out of you with their stunning debut album – On The Other Side. A 41 minute blast of highly charged psych based riffs.

The band call this an EP but who are they kidding. It's an album unless the band have something epic for their debut album and this is just the opening small glimpse to a bigger world. As Amaxa leave no stone unturned toying with your emotions as the riffs venture from the legendary 70s Hard Rock scene and embracing the modern Stoner Rock sound made famous by bands such as Earthless. Jam based rock plays a big part with Amaxa's music. Check out the incredible opening 18 minute track – Strawberry Jam. Amaxa don't mess about here.

They play hazy epic Stoner Psych Jam riffs that have the power to last for days. Amaxa even add Eastern based influences and vibes into the mix as this is one fucked-up jam that will take you places within the comfort of your own home or favourite listening space. Do I detect some Doom Metal riffs creaking in the background. Yeah I do. What are Amaxa playing that. This is free-style jam based Doom/Psych/Heavy/Stoner Rock on a grand scale.

Damn. They have done it again. Now they have added Space Rock as well. WOW – Amaxa's music is very intense at times as it's quite progressive in tone. The other album tracks run for a more accessible 5 to 6 minutes or show but they will still toy with your senses as the heavy jam based rock gives way to a more vibrant progressive doomy stoner rock sound especially on Human Waste and Welcome To Paradise.

If this is what the other side actually sounds like then I never want to leave as Amaxa have created a stunning and spellbinding album that will have you coming back for more. It's time to light up your favourite BONG and worship the riff masters known as Amaxa. They are going to take you on wild trippy ride that acts as your own personal time machine through the age of ROCK!!!

An excellent release from this highly talented musical collective.

On The Other Side is now available to buy from all good stockists. Thanks to the band for sending me a promo to review.

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Written by Steve Howe