Tuesday 24 June 2014

Primitive Man / Hexis Split 10" (Review)

Album Type: Split 10”
Date Released : 13/5/2014
Label: Halo of Flies

Primitive Man / Hexis “Split 10” track listing :

1). Primitive Man – Getting high is not enough
2). Hexis - Excrucio

Bio :

Milwaukee label HALO OF FLIES has paired the crushing, doomy sludge churned out by Denver's PRIMITIVE MAN with the trademark blackened hardcore sound of Denmark's HEXIS for a truly menacing 10" split. The two-track record is now available for pre-order from Halo of Flies and will be released on May 13, 2014 on black and white vinyl.

The upcoming split follows the success of Primitive Man's major-label debut on Relapse Records, Scorn, and the recently Halo of Flies-released full-length Abalam from Hexis, with both bands hitting the road together this summer to display the sheer power and intensity of this formidable pairing during a slew of live dates. Halo of Flies has recently confirmed a Primitive Man split with Milwaukee crusher Northless in the near future.
666 45rpm 10" copies of the split will be pressed, 420 on black and 246 on white with art by Ethan McCarthy of Primitive Man. European fans are encouraged to place orders through Throatruiner Records.

Review :

Primitive Man return with nigh on eight minutes of horror entitled When Getting High Is Not Enough. The bass rumbles very convincingly as the sludgy groove crawls forth out of the speakers. Things really speed up to a hyper active blast after a couple of minutes as the vocals go from guttural to feral before the whole thing collapses back in squalls of feedback to a much slower pace.  Ominous tribal battering of the toms ushers in the next segment of the track prior to the slide towards an inevitably horrible end of feedback and despair.

Hexis weigh in with Excrucio and over the course of eight minutes; there is some truly horrible material. The drums are beaten to within an inch of their heads' lives (good bass drum work) and the guitars take on a distinctive black metal vibe. There is more to the band than just speed, as they ring the changes with slower tempos while keeping the all important misanthropy very much alive.

All in all, a cool little 10” split showcasing both bands and the heights (depths) they can reach.

Words by: Richard Maw

You can get it from HALO OF FLIES

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PRIMITIVE MAN & HEXIS Summer Assault 2014:
7/19/2014 Hi-Dive - Denver, CO
7/20/2014 West Wing - Omaha, NE
7/21/2014 Davey's uptown - Kansas City, MO
7/22/2014 Rail 2 - Peoria, IL
7/23/2014 The Melody Inn - Indianapolis, IN
7/24/2014 Corktown Tavern - Detroit, MI
7/25/2014 Cobra Lounge - Chicago, IL
7/26/2014 SurfinBird Skateshop - Appleton, WI (early show)
7/26/2014 Cactus Club - Milwaukee, WI
7/27/2014 The Triple Rock - Saint Paul, MN
7/28/2014 Zoo Cabaret - Winnipeg, MB
7/29/2014 Local 510 - Calgary, AB
7/30/2014 Biltmore - Vancouver, BC
7/31/2014 Highline - Seattle, WA
8/01/2014 Ray's Golden Lion - Richland, WA
8/02/2014 Tonic Lounge - Portland, OR
8/03/2014 Starlite Lounge - Sacramento, CA
8/04/2014 Sub Mission - San Francisco, CA
8/05/2014 First Church Of The Buzzard - Oakland, CA
8/06/2014 Witch House - Santa Cruz, CA
8/07/2014 5 Star Bar - Los Angeles, CA
8/08/2014 Holland Project - Reno, NV
8/09/2014 The Sugar Space - Salt Lake City, UT
8/10/2014 TBA - Colorado Springs, CO