Sunday 8 June 2014

Last Day of Summer by Sons of Alpha Centauri & Treasure Cat

Last Day of Summer cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 21st September 2009
Label: Underdogma Records

Last Day of Summer by Sons of Alpha Centauri & Treasure Cat- track listing:

1.Alpha Cat - The Flying Dutchman 03:10
2.Treasure Cat - Battle of Britain 04:09
3.Sons of Alpha Centauri - Tribute to Harmonious 06:08
4.Treasure Cat - Valhalla 04:17
5.Alpha Cat - Last Day of Summer 05:02
6.Sons of Alpha Centauri - Under Surveillance 05:17
7.Treasure Cat - Dresden 04:18
8.Alpha Cat - Fire 04:24
9.Sons of Alpha Centauri - Crossing the Border 06:59
10.Treasure Cat - On a Clear Day 04:55
11.Sons of Alpha Centauri - Exhaust 05:17

Treasure Cat - Band Members

Will Mecum - Guitars
Matt Cross – Bass
Roy Brewer – Percussion

Sons Of Alpha Centauri - Band Members

Marlon King -Guitars
Nick Hannon – Bass
Stevie. B – Drums
Blake – Textures

Alpha Cat – Band Members

Marlon King – Guitars
Will Mecum – Guitars
Nick Hannon – Bass
Steveie B – Drums
Rory Brewer - Drums


Why am I featuring an album from 2009. It's not part of Aaron's excellent series of classic albums – Choice Cuts. I am featuring the excellent album – Last Day Of Summer from Sons Of Alpha Centauri and Treasure Cat. Both bands have a rich history of working together. Mainly through Will Mecum of Treasure Cat and Karma To Burn fame. Sons Of Alpha Centauri and Karma To Burn have just released another stunning 7 inch single which we featured here recently.

Will with Treasure Cat and Sons Of Alpha Centauri collobrated more in-depth with the superb album – Last Day of Summer. A sprawling instrumental Stoner Rock odyssey packed with blazing riffs from two bands at the top of their game.

The album has 4 tracks each from both Treasure Cat and Sons Of Alpha Centauri. And then 3 tracks from Alpha Cat. Which has both bands joining forces in playing their mixture of sci-fi based Instrumental Stoner Rock which packs a lot of great riffs to lose yourself in. Treasure Cat's music is more straight forward Stoner Rock to boogie on down to while Sons Of Alpha Centauri offer a more cosmic space rock vibe to take you amongst the stars.

Though when these two bands join forces under the guise of Alpha Cat is where the real magic happens especially with the superb title track – Last Day Of Summer. As it sees the band bring their own style of instrumental rock for one gigantic party of awesome riffs to impress you with.

This album was sadly overlooked back in 2009 but I feel it's one of 2009's best Instrumental Rock albums. I originally heard this a few years ago and thought it was a great album back then. Now 3 years later and I still think it's a highly original album from two excellent bands you should all be checking out.

If you haven't heard of Sons of Alpha Centauri or Treasure Cat then is the perfect place to start.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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You can buy Last Day of Summer from Sons Of Alpha Centauri BandCamp Page on CD and DD.

Written by Steve Howe