Monday 23 June 2014

Tumbleweed Dealer - Western Horror - Album Review

Album Type: Album
Date Released: June 23rd 2014
Label: Self Released

Western Horror - track listing:

1. Bluntlust
2. Slow Walk Through A Ghost Town
3. Riding Upon A Skeletal Steed
4. ...And The Horse You O.D
5. When Death Valley Becomes Home
6. A Scythe In One Hand, A Shotgun In The Other
7. Southern Reaper
8. Dead Dad Blues (Ending Credits)


Featuring members of The Last Felony & Dopethrone and former members of Vatican, Ion Dissonance, Nefastus Dies and too many more, Tumbleweed Dealer plays instrumental stoner/desert rock with a western soundtrack feel. Their full length, self titled, début album is available now and will bring you on a mind-trip the likes you have never experienced before,

Band Members

Seb Painchaud - Guitars
Miguel Valade - Bass
Jean-Francois Richard - Drums
JB - Recording
Alex "All Ex Ghouls" Goulet - Artwork


The album cover states “Sometimes Looking For Weed In Strange Places Goes Horribly Wrong...” So Tumbleweed Dealer's 2nd album is a concept album about looking for the perfect fix in Western Times and the horrors that people face. Or something like that.

Welcome to “Western Horror” the stunning new album from Canadian Psych Stoner Rockers – Tumbleweed Dealer. Almost 14 months on since their acclaimed début S/T album, the guys are back with a more mysterious and creepy offering. Spread across 8 tracks and running for 47 mins. Western Horror plays out like a creepy western movie soundtrack being conducted by Earthless jamming with Ennio Morricone.

Tumbelweed Dealer have taken the essence of a classic western and paired up it with a doom and gloom psychedelic stoner rock vibe for one thrilling ride into the unknown. Opening track – Bluntlust – starts with a hazy jam based riff which seems quite familiar though still somehow vaguely mysterious as the band guides the listener on this creepy journey. The band toy with your senses here playing slow paced riffs while adding different elements of noise with each passing second.

Though don't go expecting an easy ride as Tumbleweed Dealer have managed to create a set of songs that sound very different to each other. Second track - Slow Walk Through A Ghost Town – is a post-rock driven track that turns the atmosphere into a bleak desolate landscape with psychedelic guitars slowly playing in the background before exploding into a war of loud noises. It sees Tumbleweed Dealer experiment firmly with their sound and it's played at a very slow pace. You can slowly feel the Western Horror creeping up on you.
Tumbleweed Dealer always come up with brilliant song titles. Can you remember the song title – How To Light A Joint With A Blowtorch – from their début album. Well the guys have excelled themselves here once again. Just look at the other song titles which shows these guys have a bleak sense of humour indeed. Though it's the music is where it counts as Tumbleweed Dealer have written a truly haunting psychedelic stoner rock album you won't here unlike anything else this year.

The album flows beautifully from start to finish as the band play intense riffs through out. Tracks such as - Riding Upon A Skeletal Steed and ...And The Horse You O.D – captures the band at their best as they bring this album to life with intelligent riffs that make you think of the intriguing story your actually apart of. The album becomes darker towards the end as epic jam based riffs signals the start of dangerous things to come.

Western Horror is a thought-provoking ride told through the power of music. Tumbleweed Dealer have created a truly wonderful album. Trust me you don't WEED for this album as the music is powerful enough to get you high for a lifetime.

Western Horror is available to buy now from BandCamp. Thanks to the guys for sending us a promo to review.

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Written by Steve Howe