Tuesday 17 June 2014

Vultures Of Volume FEST - Info

Vultures Of Volume FEST

On Saturday August 30th, a brand new fest is held at Café 611 in Frederick, MD. Maryland has been a hot spot for especially doom for many years and the inaugural version of 'Vultures Of Volume' is focusing on that but not soley. 'Loud, hard and heavy' is their motto as well as giving attention to local acts although some exciting national acts are booked too.

The two main draws for the first installment of 'Vultures Of Volume' are the 1995 line-up of UNORTHODOX featuring Dale Flood(guitar/vocals), Josh Hart(bass guitar) and Ronnie Kallimon(drums). THE SKULL are rolling in from Chicago and the consist of three Trouble dignitaries, Eric Wagner, Jeff'Oly'Olson and Ron Holzner. The band is rounded out by former Pentagram six-stringer Matt Goldsborough as well as Sacred Dawn's axe-wielder Lothar Keller. A special treat is in store as they will play Trouble's 'Psalm 9' in it's entirety to celebrate it's 30th anniversary.

But you better brace yourself because apart from those giants, the organizers, Matt Dayton and Kathy Reeves, have brought together an impressive roster. Pale Divine, Beelzefuzz, Ogre, Blizaro, Gorgantherron, Black Manta and Nagato will be there to lay the venue to waste. So this is an event not to be missed at your peril.

Having just been announced, Matt and Kathy has done an amazing job putting all this together while keeping the lid on it. The official announcement was made on June 15th and teasers were put out only a week beforehand and very few people knew about it. That shows their diligence in creating a really good fest is bar to none while building up quite a stir. To create an even better buzz for the event check out the pretty radical flyer made by artist Brad Moore.

For more info including door times, full schedule, ticket prices, and sale dates, please visit the official 'Vultures of Volume' event page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vultures-of-Volume-FEST/578873918893964 Cafe 611: 611 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701 Ph: (301) 631-1460