Thursday 19 June 2014

The Scimitar - Doomsayer - Album Review

Doomsayer cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: June 13th 2014

Doomsayer - track listing:

1.The Taker 05:55
2.World Unreal 05:16
3.Babylon 03:23
4.Metropolis 02:59
5.Attrition 01:48
6.Void Traveler 06:54
7.Crucifer 08:42


Darryl Shepard and David Gein of Black Pyramid teamed up with drummer Brian Banfield of Blood Stone Sacrifice to form the Scimitar. 

Band Members

David Gein - bass
Darryl Shepard - guitar, vocals
Brian Banfield - drums


Scimitar is the new band starting to cause a major stir within the Doom/Stoner Metal scene with their debut album – Doomsayer. This band features David and Darryl of Black Pyramid fame. Doomsayer is an album built on atmospheric moody riffs to get your heart rate pumping.

First track – The Taker – is the perfect introduction to this great band as it shows they heavy style of doom and gloom based Stoner Metal riffs that ooze class. The clean-based vocals have a slight air of menace to them as it provides a haunting backdrop for the music to slowly entice you with dangerous results.

The album has been on heavy rotation on my MP3 player all week. It is an album that will find many fans within the Doom/Stoner Metal scene. Tracks such as World Unreal, Babylon, and Metropolis have shades of Thin Lizzy and Monster Magnet creeping up here and there. While the vocals become more menacing as the album moves into an uncontrollable and unstoppable frenzy.

Doomsayer as the title suggests can be a moody and heavy affair that displays the bands talents at writing an emotionally and action packed tune. However, the band shows their tender acoustic side on slow-paced track – Attrition. It may bring the albums dangerous mood to a shuddering halt but it is great to hear a beautifully played and delicate track played on an album like this. Very unexpected indeed.

However, it is business as usual on Void Traveller – an almost 7 minute epic, which features the band in dark sinister mode with vocals shouted directly at you. The riffs will leave you on a knife’s edge as the band slowly builds the atmosphere for a song you will not get enough of. The bass guitar is the main weapon of choice here as the bassist lay down some heavy-duty bass riffs to show the band who is in charge here.

The Scimitar leaves the best track until last with the majestic almost 9 minute epic – Crucifer. A dark and brooding instrumental track that starts off very slowly before violently exploding into life with the band playing like their lives depended on it. A great way to end this brilliant album.

You seriously all need to check this album out now. Doomsayer is a debut album that does not come along very often but when it does, you simply have to embrace this dark and wonderful musical odyssey. You can buy this now on BandCamp Buy Now Download. Don’t delay. Just download and buy this album now. You won’t regret it.

Amazing. End Of.

Doomsayer is available on BandCamp Buy Now Download and Vinyl from Hydro-Phonic Records shipping from July 2014.

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Written by Steve Howe