Thursday 12 June 2014

ZAUM - Oracles - Album Review

Oracles cover art
Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: June 13th 2014
Label: I HATE

Oracles - track listing:

1.Zealot 12:55
2.The Red Sea 13:22
3. Peasant Of Parthia 08:12
4.Omen 14:08

Band Members

Kyle Alexander McDonald : Vocals, Bass, Sitar, Synth
Christopher Lewis : Drums, Lights


ZAUM are a self-proclaimed Eastern Mantra Doom Metal Band that evokes vivid memories of OM and Sleep all jamming together for one epic forbidden concert in the vast region of the Middle East.

Welcome to an undiscovered world called “Oracles” where s a single musical note and vocal chord is powerful to live long in the memory for an eternity. This is a harsh and desolate place where the music is blended with Middle Eastern based vocals that feels like some long forgotten and sacred text is being sang to the world for the very first time. It is a haunting and mystifying experience that elevates this album to a more personal and spiritual level.

The album should be experienced as one epic 48-minute song as it’s an exercise in gigantic riffs played on a multitude of different instruments. Guitar, Drums and Sitar. The Sitar is the main driving force here as ZAUM delve further into the sand dunes with ambient layers of Drone Based Doom Metal slowly creeping around you until there is nowhere to escape. The first two tracks – Zealot and The Red Sea – offer nightmarish tones with long drawn out doom metal atmospherics to keep you company for a highly impressive 26 mins or so. It is a slow journey that will delight and frustrate you in equal measure. ZAUM offer no easy answers on this album. It is a gruelling experience as the band stick to the Middle Eastern influences through out the album.

No wonder the album is called Oracles as ZAUM take you on an epic quest that brings back memories from listening to SLEEP’s legendary album – Jerusalem or Dopesmoker for the very first time. You do not know what you are listening to but you know this is something special indeed. The instrumental work is one word – PHENOMENAL. The Sitar has a life of its own and it can be classed as the albums heartbeat. It brings the other instruments into the weird and wonderful world that Oracles opens it doors to. Guitars and drums are played at a slow pace, which only adds to the sonic atmosphere ZAUM have brilliantly captured. If you are expecting fast-paced riffs then you will have to look elsewhere as ZAUM are on a different journey altogether but that does not ZAUM stay quiet in the corner. Far from it. As the album becomes very loud when the time calls for it.

Oracles is a demanding and challenging album that may put some people off but if you have the time for a complex and unique sounding album then you will richly be rewarded with one of the best audio experiences of 2014.

ZAUM have created a truly stunning and emotionally charged album.

Thanks to I HATE for sending us a promo. Oracles will be available to buy 13th June 2014 on CD/DD and Vinyl Release will follow in August 2014 from ZAUM's BandCamp Page.

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Written by Steve Howe