Wednesday 4 June 2014

LANDS - Misanthropy - Album Review


Album Type:Album
Date Released: 23rd May 2014
Label: Self Released

MISANTHROPY - track listing:

1.Without Hope or Encouragement 05:37
2.Eight Years Ago 04:35
3.Set Sail and Never Look Back 06:15
4.Envy 06:55
5.Hell is Other People 05:46
6.The Road Home 05:12
7.You've Lost Yourself 05:11
8.Mistrust and Disdain 06:51

Band Members

ALEX HOOTON (vocals)


UK Post-Metal collective – LANDS – finally come of age with their brutal and intense debut album – Misanthropy. It's a pummelling 46 minute riffs that will leave you in an emotional state. As Lands combine Post-Hardcore, Sludge, Post-Rock, Ambient and Post-Metal volatile moments of brutality with sheer poetic moments of beauty that will shake you to the core.

This is a band who go straight for the kill as opening track – Without Hope or Encouragement – portrays a band disenchanted with modern day life and it shows with their heavy as hell onslaught of violently paced riffs that proves Lands have a lot to say.

You may hear musical influences diverse as Rosetta, Devil Sold His Soul, The Ocean and even MONO but Misanthropy stands on it's own merits showcasing a band with their own style which proves them as one of the finest Post-Metal bands in the UK along with recent Sludgelord faves - TELEPATHY.

Tracks such as Set Sail and Never Look Back, Envy and Hell Is Other People show a band that cares what the listener thinks as Lands ask some thought provoking questions. They may not give you the answer you're looking for but you can't deny how seriously powerful this album is.

The album has the right amount of loud as hell post-metal riffs and post-rock ambient beats for you to catch your breath but you know like any good Post-Metal band that sonic warfare is just around the corner. Lead Vocalist – Alex – ventures between clean melodic vocals and more angry as hell guttural screams when the time calls for it. He is one highly passionate vocalist who knows how to command an audience.

Misanthropy is a thunderous debut album from these highly respected post-metallers. It's expertly played and produced by all involved. It's loud as hell and it will give your speakers an intense audio workout. You have been warned.

An excellent debut album that you should all check out now. You won't be sorry. Misanthropy is available on BandCamp Buy Now Download.

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Written by Steve Howe