Monday 9 June 2014

Satyress - Dark Fortunes (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 8/4/2014
Label : Self Release

 ‘Dark Fortunes’, track listing:

1). Possession 05:19
2). Esta Noche 05:25
3). Soma 03:51
4). Dark Fortunes 05:20
5). Spread Thin 04:29
6). Archaic Passage 05:44

Bio :

Psych-infused, melodic doom metallers Satyress formed in the brutal Portland winter of 2012. Within a realm known for its lack of sun and tall timber, inhabitants form chants in response to misted dark clouds. Together, the spawn of LSD&D and a singer known as the Dead Bird of Night Dreams set in motion a trial which would test the vocal range and maternal power of the four-headed Chimara to the utmost. Through witchery ritual and carnal riffs Satyress conjures up the force of rock's potent spirit.

This tetrad now features drummer Yorck Franken, bassist, Alex Fast  guitarist Billy Nitetooth, and lead singer Jamie LaRose. The unearthly craft of their rituals has yielded the band's first offering: Dark Fortunes

The album was recorded and mixed at Opal Studios in Portland, Oregon with Kevin Hahn in the summer of 2013, with mastering manifested at Audioseige with Brad Boatright. The eldritch cover artwork and layout come courtesy of artist Calvin Cushman and Jason Roberts.

The Band :

Alex Fast | Bass
Yorck Franken | Drums
Billy Nitetooth | Guitars
Jamie LaRose | Vocals

Review :

A ‘Satyr’ is a man goat hybrid, therefore a ‘Satyress’ from what I can gather is the female version, and the chosen band name for newcomers to the fast becoming overcrowded doom/stoner/psychedelic scene Satyress. Independently releasing their debut album ‘Dark Fortunes’, their quintessential Sabbath soaked riffs and catchy hooks have secured them credible attention and a promising future. 

Led by female vocalist Jamie LaRose, Satyress demonstrate just like (to name a few) Witch Mountain and Windhand, how the genre can massively benefit from a female vocalist. There’s something about harsh crushing guitar riffs played alongside a bold mesmerizing female vocal that creates such a desirable fusion. 

The Witch Mountain comparison is unavoidable, both also hailing from Portland Oregon, however Satyress manage to stand out amongst the female fronted doom paradigm.   

‘Dark Fortunes’ reinforced a valuable lesson and that is the importance of a second listen. Almost cast aside until a second time round revelation presented itself, when my uncertainty over the vocals diminished and the catchy chorus’ shone through. Opening track Possession is an enchanting affair, drenched in occult lyrical themes which pervade the entire album. Punchy distorted riffs and an emphatic chorus collide to make an album highlight contender, along with next track Esta Noche which oozes seduction with blues infused doom riffs and enthralling vocal hooks. Soma and Dark Fortunes perpetuate the occult theme and hypnotic psychedelia, all underpinned by LaRose’s distinctive vocal capabilities.

Staying true to the doom/stoner formula throughout, ‘Dark Fortunes’ isn’t anything ground breaking, nevertheless Satyress emerge triumphant with a solid debut release, demonstrating undoubted promise for their future endeavours. Dark, mysterious, spellbinding, this album leaves you no choice but to succumb to their hypnotic charm.     

Words by : Heather Blewett

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