Tuesday 10 June 2014

Puteraeon - The Crawling Chaos (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 25/4/2014
Label : Cyclone Empire

Puteraeon  - ‘The Crawling Chaos’ (CD/LP) track listing

1). Wrath 07:00
2). In Dreamdead Sleep 04:57
3). Path To Oblivion 03:30
4). Pickmans Model 04:09
5). From The Ethereal Vortex 05:01
6). The Crawling Chaos 05:29
7). The Abyssal 03:14
8). Asenath 03:49
9). Rotten Aeon 03:03
10). Welcome Death 05:17

Bio :

PUTERAEON are back once again with a massive assault of Swedish old school rotten death metal: ‘The Crawling Chaos’, the 3rd album, recorded at Dagon Recordings and mixed & mastered at Andy La Rocque's Sonic Train Studios. ‘The Crawling Chaos’ is described as the most powerful and thought through album. The music is a perfect blend of both previous albums.

"We've worked longer on the songs this time, making them evolve during the whole writing process", says mainman Jonas Lindblood who formed the band back in 2008.

The album contains 10 new tracks and awesome art by Christoffer Fredriksson, who's done most of the bands artworks.

"Every song has a little drawing illustrating something from the lyric" the singer states.
Lyricwise not much has changed since last time.

"Once again it's mainly Lovecraft inspired stuff and the stuff that's actually not Lovecraft, could have been." says Lindblood.

Get ready to be devoured by the dark things from beyond! Hail Nyarlathotep!

The Band :

Jonas Lindblood | Vocals, Guitars
Rune Foss | Guitars, Backing Vocals
Daniel Vandija | Bass
Andres “Hammer Of Gs” Malmström | Drums

Review :

“The Crawling Chaos” is the third record from these Lovecraft lovin' Swedes. Death metal? Yes sir, without a doubt. The album opens with the seven minute Wrath. Slow and appropriately crawling to start with, and then roaring into action in a vortex of speed and the growls of Jonas Lindblood. Chainsaw guitars are revved up to the max as a focal point of an excellent production. It sounds great and rolls along like a panzer division through time changes and assorted brutality.

In Dreamdead Sleep opens with a classic rolling riff- with accompanying bass drum work- and then bashes out some serious slower riffage. The band summon up the ghost of Dismember here, they really do. Great leads too.

Path To Oblivion starts out thrashy and continues much the same- lurching chords and nifty melodies are the order of the day here. The bridge sections stomp effectively too. Cool samples and slower middle section are a nice touch- as is the noticeable and beastly bass work of Daniel Vandija.

Pickmans Model brings Lovecraft to the fore with one of his first person narratives brought to life via brutal Scandinavian metal.

From The Ethereal Vortex is slow and crushing with pounding bass drums (seriously pounding!) courtesy of Andres Malmström before a revved up section that rings the changes. The Crawling Chaos brings the title track centrepiece via a spooky intro of sampled screams overlaid with organ and synth. The chainsaws thereafter rev up again and we are into some excellent riffing from Lindblood and Rune Foss.

The Abyssal goes for the throat from the off. Three and a bit minutes of whirling chaos. Asenath takes the pace down, but ratchets up the atmosphere of dread and doom in a late album gem- great track with cool riffs and a very downbeat vibe; lots of changes to get your teeth into as well.

Rotten Aeon has a really cool start- check it out- and then maintains that quality throughout.
Welcome Death is a real statement for the band to close with. Slow and crushing, it builds effectively and showcases the band's mastery of the genre.

At the end of the record I knew I had been listening to a superior death metal band- I wanted to play the album again. This is brilliant stuff; for lovers of Entombed, Dismember and any death metal band not focussed wholly on blast beats. Great album.

Words by : Richard Maw

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