Saturday 14 June 2014

Tummler and Solomon - You've Worn Out Your Welcome - Album Review

You've Worn Out Your Welcome cover art

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 6th April 2014
Label: Self Released

You've Worn Out Your Welcome - track listing:

1.You've Worn Out Your Welcome 06:52
2.A Photograph of Lions 04:38
3.The Politics of Dying 06:37
4.Climbing Up the Curtains 06:14
5.People Who Own Horses 04:36
6.A Righteous Offering 11:15
7.Handfed By Ghosts 09:21


Tummler and Solomon is the heaviest, loudest band in Tacoma, WA. Fans have described various paranormal disturbances and phenomena during performances which seem to be of extraterrestrial origin. These phenomena fuel the themes of Tummler and Solomon's songwriting, a conduit to the unknown based on resonance and dynamics. They are also club sandwich enthusiasts.

Band Members

Matt Abramson, bass and organ
Austin Iverson, drums
Paul Lyon, guitar and vocals


I actually listened to Tummler and Solomon’s debut album – You’ve Worn Out You’re Welcome – a couple months ago when it was originally released on Bandcamp in April 2014. And it impressed the heck out of me back then. It has taken me a couple of months to actually go back to the album and finally review it.

The album is an intelligent and thought provoking style of sounds, moods and post-metal atmospherics. Taking influence from the usual suspects of legendary Post-Metal bands Tummler and Solomon add a terrific 60s/70s psychedelic sound, which shines through on the excellent opening title track – You’ve Worn Out You’re Welcome. A hazy and sinister song with a haunting organ playing against the Sludge/Post-Metal riffs.

The band add elements of Doom and Stoner Metal to their music for heavy and long drawn out riffs that gives the album a very addictive edge. Tracks such as A Photograph Of Lions, The Politics Of Dying are played at slow pace with the heavy pounding beats slowly becoming part of your sub-conscience. Slow and creaking doom and gloom riffs matched against some impressive heavy drumming.

Lead vocalist Paul’s vocals may take time getting used to as he has a distorted lo-fi style all of his own. It may put some put people off but it is good that Paul is doing something different to all the other Sludge/Stoner Metal singers out there. Tummler and Solomon is a very hard band to describe. As it is very schizophrenic in nature as the band do not fall under one major musical category. Is it Doom, Is It Stoner, Is It Sludge, Is It Post-Metal. It all depends what mood you are in as the album plays tricks on you at different times of the album. Though you cannot deny the sheer volume of epic riffs the band, have in store for you.

You’ve Worn Out You’re Welcome is a stunning debut album from this highly talented rock collective. It’s very surreal in places but that’s one of the albums strong points as it dares to be different. I loved every crazy distorted minute of this. I hope Tummler and Solomon are around for a very long time to come.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Cat Jones at Southern Cross PR for sending me a copy to review. You’ve Worn Out You’re Welcome is available to buy on DD and CD now via BandCamp.

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Written by Steve Howe