Wednesday 4 June 2014

Greg(o)rian - Utter Condemnation - EP Review

Utter Condemnation (2014) cover art

Album Type:EP
Date Released: April 18th 2014
Label: Self Released

Utter Condemnation - track listing:

1.Utter Condemnation


Greg(o)rian play heavy blackened sludge and doom with influences from bands such as Sunn 0))), Moss, Earth, Sleep and Isis with tracks that often clock in at 30 minutes long

Since our last release we have a been joined by a new drummer and are back refreshed, gigging all over the place and preparing to do a full album.

We have been lucky enough over the years to support the likes of Eagle Twin (Southern Lords Records), Esoteric, Wodensthrone, Litmus (Rise Above Records), Grimpen Mire, Pombagira, Alunah, Olde Crone and many other doom, sludge, drone stoner and black metal bands. Parts of the current and previous albums have featured on the cover CD’s of Metal Hammer and Terrorizor. We have also been lucky enough to feature in Terrorizer magazine both and as one of their "Bands of the Day".

Band Members

Iain Stannett - Guitars and Vocals
Tom Mullen - Bass and Vocals
Chris Drew - Drums


Time for something downright NASTY. Greg(o)rian return after a three year absence with their epic 24 minute single track – Utter Condemnation. A bleak as hell down-turned journey into the pits of hell. Fusing Sludge, Drone, Doom and Black Metal for one unforgivable journey into the darkness.

Greg(o)rian should come with a Government Health Warning as their music will leave you a physical wreck. Imagine your worst nightmares coming to life as this song instantly takes hold of you by the fucking throat and crushes it with the down-tuned drone based riffs. The song is aided along by some brutal chanting vocals of Iain and Tom spliced throughout the epic track.

If you want something to scare the hell out of you then Utter Condemnation is the perfect release for all you doom and gloom freaks out there wanting to get that little bit closer to Lucifer himself.

Embrace the darkness and be prepared for a frightening vision. A stunning release before the band unleash more terror upon the world with their eagerly awaited new album. You can download this now from BandCamp on Buy Now Download if you're feeling brave enough.

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Written by Steve Howe