Thursday 19 June 2014

Funeral Horse - Sinister Rites Of The Master - Album Review

Sinister Rites of the Master cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: August 11th 2014
Label: Artificial Head Records

Sinister Rites Of The Master - track listing:

1. Until the Last Nation Falls 05:05
2. Amputate the Hands of Thieves 04:34
3. Communist's Blues 04:05
4. Executioner of Kings 04:17
5. I Hear The Devil Calling Me 01:32
6. Stoned and Furious 03:11
7.Working Man 04:51

Band Members

Jason Argonaut - bass
Paul Bearer - guitar / vocals
Chris Larmour - drums


Funeral Horse is a hotly tipped band who has just self-released their hard-rocking new album – Sinister Rites Of The Master. Their blend of Doom, Punk, Stoner and Heavy Metal is one darkly infectious ride that lasts around 29 mins or so. Short album – Yeah. However, this is an album big on ideas and riffs as these demented punk based Stoner/Doomsters offer a rather gloomy insight into life just like their debut EP – Savage Audio Demon - that I featured earlier this year.

It may have taken me a while to check out their new album but what a great album it is. First track – Until The Last Nation Fails – is a punk driven doomy blues rock affair with the band sounding like a more despondent garage rock band from the legendary 60s/70s Detroit Rock scene though there are hints of other modern day heavy metal vibes. It more than sets the scene for the remainder of the album.

Second Track – Amputate The Hand Of Thieves – is a fast-paced turbo charged doomy punk affair the band plays superbly well. Funeral Horse offer short concise riffs with a bleak political message that will strike a chord with some. The band has a very lo-fi DIY feel to their music and it shows through out this song and the remainder of the album. It actually works in the albums favour as Funeral Horse is a band who aren't afraid to show the world how pissed off they are with everything around them.

With tracks such as Communist's Blues and Executioner of Kings offering no end to the bleak view of the world around us. It’s good that Funeral Horse know how to crank up the tension with a stunning array of riffs to slay you with. The vocals may take time getting used to, as they aren’t the easiest of vocals to listen to. Other than that Funeral Horse has delivered another excellent release, which will find many fans within the Doom/Punk/Stoner Rock scene.

Great stuff and Highly Recommended.

The album is available to buy on DD/Vinyl from BandCamp now. Though the band have just signed to Artificial Head Records when the album receives it's proper official release on August 11th 2014.

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Written by Steve Howe