Tuesday 10 June 2014

Sabaton - Heroes (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 16/5/2014
Label : Nuclear Blast

Sabaton  “Heroes”, track listing (CD, DD, LP)

1. Night Witches 3:01
2. No Bullets Fly 3:37
3. Smoking Snakes 3:14
4. Inmate 4859 4:26
5. To Hell And Back 3:26
6. The Ballad Of Bull 3:53
7. Resist And Bite 3:27
8. Soldier Of 3 Armies 3:38
9. Far From The Fame 3:47
10. Hearts Of Iron 4:28

The Band :

Joakim Brodén | vocals
Pär Sundström | bass
Chris Rörland | guitars
Thobbe Englund | guitars
Hannes van Dahl | drums

Review :

Sabaton have made themselves the forerunners in power metal in my opinion. A devout work ethic and lively stage shows have won many people over. Reinventing the wheel they are not, but boy can they fashion a catchy song with blazing solos and glorious choruses.

Following on from the conceptual ‘Carolus Rex’, the band have opted not to tell one story this time. Instead, there are ten slices of battle inspired power metal. One of the great things about ‘Heroes’ is that it clocks in at just over 35 minutes. There is no messing around and not a minute wasted.

‘Night Witches’ opens the album in frenetic fashion before an offbeat chorus has the blood pumping from the off. ‘No Bullets Fly’ sees the band flexing their soloing muscles with some tight guitar work. There is also a signature chorus riddled with 'woah-woah's! ‘Smoking Snakes’ is certainly the most Sabaton sounding track here. It could certainly have sat on any of the bands previous war laden opuses. The chugging guitars and vocals sung along with the melody of the music like glue are a hallmark of the band.

‘Inmate 4859’ has a more epic feel to it. The pace is slowed but the guitars still tower in rebel rousing fashion. ‘To Hell and Back’ raises the tempo again with its folk tinged approach. ‘The Ballad of Bull’ is led by a piano melody that misses the mark a little in my opinion. The band obviously needs to evolve and have done successfully with their various line-up changes, but this ballad doesn't quite work.

‘Resist & Bite’ follows up the lacklustre ballad with aplomb. For my moments doubt, all is restored! Chiming guitars and a fantastic vocal from Joakim lay waste to your ears. The marching tempo makes for a great track and definitely a highlight of the album. The final three tracks of the album keep the tempos high, the blood pulsing hard and the fists pumping hard. It's just what you want from Sabaton.

Sabaton aren't ever going to be pioneers, but one thing for sure is that they are masters at creating catchy hooks and choruses to please their mass of fans. They're a love/hate band that deliver in my opinion. If you have never seen them live, Sabaton pack an energy unrivalled. ‘Heroes’ is another fine notch in the bands now hefty catalogue.

Words by : Dominic Walsh

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