Sunday 8 June 2014

FANGE - Poisse - Album Review

Poisse cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released:14th April 2014
Label: Self Released

Poisse - track listing:

1.Grêle Molle 04:06
2.Cloches Fendues 04:52
3.Ammoniac 04:46
4.Suaire 08:07
5.... 02:15
6.Lucifour 05:46


Formed in late 2013 by Baptiste from Brain Pyramid and Benjamin from Huata, FANGE (meaning "mire" in french) is a simple project. Making harsh riffs and hard beats, playing them loud, with a huge amount of distorted sounds and feedbacks.

All you'll find here is a huge amount of fuzz and distortion, out of hand feedbacks, low tuning and big amps, heavy beats and fat kicks, distorded vocals, wall of noises. Sinking into a dirty and filthy noise-sludge to exorcize the human grime and primal idioms conveyed by all the summer and warm stuff, we are in deep mud. Fvck mankind

Band Members

Baptiste Gautier-Lorenzo (Drums) from Brain Pyramid
Benjamin Moreau (Guitars) from Huata, Hendiadys
Jean-Baptiste Lévêque (Noise & Vocal) from Zalhietzli, Hendiadys


Time for something heavy and hard hitting as hell from the depths of hell. FANGE are a loud as fuck Noise/Sludge Metal band put on this planet to scare the utter hell out of you. FANGE are a noisy as hell Sludge Metal band with a delicious dark edge to their music. Their debut release – Poisse – is 30 minutes of finely tuned pile-driving sludge metal riffs that will play havoc with your nervous system.

The vocals from Jean-Baptiste feel they have came from a soundtrack to a violent horror movie from the 70s and 80s. He doesn't mess around here folks. He is loud, mean and pissed off as hell. From the very first chainsaw based riffs of opening track - Grêle Molle – you can feel the terror and torture of FANGE coming to claim you as their next victim. That's how powerful and scary their music actually is.

If you're a fan of Primitive Man then you're going to love these guys as they play the same kind of filth ridden torturous Sludge Metal riffs that band is known for. It's hard to believe that this band features members from Huata and Brian Pyramid. Benjamin and Baptiste must have had a really bad day when they decided to form this band with Jean-Baptiste as this is dangerous as hell Sludge Metal with a capital – FUCK ME. THIS IS HEAVY.

FANGE blast their way through a stunning arsenal of tracks to leave you feeling emotionally drained. Though it's the 8 minute epic – Suaire – that makes this album such a rewarding experience. It's packed full of ambient based noises before the scary as hell Sludge Metal atmospheric kick into action once again.

I think I have said too much. Take my word – Listen to this album and feel the terrifying experience that is FANGE. A truly intense band have announced their arrival to the world. Pray for us all as it maybe to late to save our souls!!!

If you're feeling brave enough you can download this now on BandCamp Buy Now Download. FANGE are also selling CD's on BandCamp as well.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

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Written by Steve Howe