Saturday 2 August 2014

Blackwitch Pudding - Covered In Pudding Vol. 1 - Review

Album Type: EP
Date Released: August 12th 2014
Label: Self Released

Covered In Pudding Vol. 1 Tracklist:

1. Night Of The Blackwitch
2. Toke’n Man
3. Gods Of Grungus
4. Bong Hits And Lust


Paying Homage to the rotten filth from which they were born, Blackwitch Pudding is actually a band of three Wizards. Legend has it, they were raised from a stagnant used puddle of ergot, left by the mysterious Blackwitch, hundreds of years ago. Trained in the dark arts of doom and witchery, these Wizards wander the cosmos in search of nothing, for their path is a simple one.... the riffs must be heavy and the smoke must be heavier.

It’s been nearly a year since the wizards of Blackwitch Pudding released their infamous début LP, Taste the Pudding, and they have grown restless. Though one might question why, after 600 years of conjuring evil riffs, casting spells and wreaking supernatural havoc upon this planet that the trio has only created one full-length record, the truth is, for centuries, pesky, silly mortals have been ripping them off and making the themes more palatable for straight-laced human consumption. So the robed wizards of doom have resurfaced again with a new EP, Covered In Pudding Vol. 1, to prove once and for all that they were here first, that their riffs shall ring true, and that rock and roll should be about an average wizard’s favorite things: sex, drugs, witch-babes and filth.

Band Members

Space Wizard - Guitar, Vocals
Lizard Wizard - Bass, Vocals
Wizard Wizard - Drums, Vocals


So those Bong Smoking, Riff Loving, Immortal Wizards are back with their new EP – Covered In Pudding Vol 1. An EP full of famous songs given a modern Blackwitch Pudding makeover. Though the Wizards guys claim they wrote these songs hundreds of years go but were stolen by heartless bastards such as KISS and Neil Diamond. As the Wizard's reclaim classic tracks such as God Of Thunder and Solitary Man as their own. God Of Thunder becomes Gods of Grungus and Solitary Man becomes Toke'n Man.

How dare legends such as KISS and Neil Diamond steal riffs that were never rightfully theirs. Blackwitch Pudding are making a stand for all us droned out drugged up followers of the mighty weedian riff. Yeah this EP is definitely one hilarious brutal slab of insane riffs with intense vocals to match. I am a huge fan of Blackwitch Pudding's début album but this EP shows these wizards in a new light. They are pissed off right from the very start as Night Of The Black Witch sees Blackwitch Pudding unleashing dark forces upon to the world. But you won't notice as once again, Space, Lizard and Wizard leave you in an almighty trance. Just light up that fucking BONG man and get high. This is musical ecstasy for all the Stoners in the world.

Blackwitch Pudding are hilarious through out as they brilliantly put their own unique spin on these classic tracks. The lyrics have been re-worked to match these guys insane twisted vision with laugh out loud results. By the time the 10 minute epic Bong Hits and Lust comes on to play, you will be a drugged out riff loving zombie wanting to carry out any deranged task that Blackwitch Pudding ask you to do. It's a good thing that Blackwtich Pudding only ask a few small things from you: PARTY, GET HIGH, ROCK OUT and embrace the WIZARD BROTHERHOOD!!!

I can't wait for Vol 2 and to see which other heartless famous musician has stolen from Blackwitch Pudding. The world of music. You have been warned – The Wizards of Blackwitch Pudding are coming for you and to reclaim what is rightfully theirs!!!

Thanks to Cat Jones at Southern Cross PR for the promo. Covered In Pudding Vol 1 will be released on DD and 200 limited edition wizard-conjured cassettes.

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Written by Steve Howe