Saturday 16 August 2014

Amanita - S/T (Album Review)

Amanita cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: July 26th 2014
Label: Self Released

Amanita - S/T - track listing:

1.Here, then, is happiness! 10:56
2.It can be contained within an ordinary teaspoon. 06:08
3.Happiness with all of its rapture, childishness and folly. 13:56
4.Swallow it without fear. 11:47
5.You will not die of it. 14:45


I have to thank Thomas from Amanita for contacting me to check out his bands debut album. The following description got me intrigued to check out their music:

The instrumental music is all about the interaction of melodies and slow riffs or as it states on our bandcamp-site: "We are here to make you think about death and get sad" - but maybe you want to hear it yourself:”

Amanita debut album is one weird album as it ventures from Stoner Metal, Doom Metal, Ambient, Post-Rock and Drone which may prove too distracting for some listeners. If you are in the mood for a heavy as hell psychedelic experience then you will find much to enjoy here.

The band deserve credit in getting Ron Rochondo from Doom Metal overlords – Ice Dragon to work his magic here as Ron gives this album a dark and brooding vibe that brings back memories of heavy as hell legendary Doom Metal bands. The albums theme is mainly about death and this album makes you feel uncomfortable at times as it explores some very dark subject matter even though its purely instrumental.

The first track – Here, then, is happiness – shows what's in store for you for the next 55 mins or so. Amanita play heavy slow-paced Stoner/Doom/Drone Metal riffs that will take a lot of patience to fully understand. This is a very complex album to listen to at times and it's a greater experience for it. As the album makes you work hard for your musical reward. Intelligence is the key to fully understand the music and tone of the album.

2nd track - It can be contained within an ordinary teaspoon – may have a funny title but that's where the humour ends as the band explore the darker side of Stoner Metal once again leaving you an emotionally shivering wreck. I have listened to this album for the past couple of weeks now and I still have a hard time finding trying to connect with it on an emotional level. So don't expect an easy ride as this album will challenge you every step of the way.

Though there a ton of great heavy epic riffs to discover. Be patient and you will duly be rewarded with a heavy as hell experience you won't come across so often. Amanita have created a stunning debut album that I will come back to eventually. I just need to time to recover before I feel brave enough to experience this album once more.

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Written by Steve Howe