Saturday 2 August 2014

Doomed & Stoned in Portland - Free Compilation

Doomed & Stoned in Portland cover art

Album Type: Compilation
Date Released: 18th July 2014
Label: Various /BandCamp Download

Doomed & Stoned in Portland – Track listing.

1.A Collective Subconscious - Manchurian Candidate (free) 04:34
2.A Volcano - A Place to Get Sick (Pt 2) (free) 02:54
3.AntikytherA - Altars Before The Unseen (free) 13:43
4.Ape Machine - Angry Man (free) 04:18
5.Axxicorn - Cosmonauts (free) 06:00
6.Big Black Cloud - Ideas (free) 03:15
7.Black Pussy - Ain't Talkin' About Love (free) 05:54
8.Black Snake - Red Eyes (free) 05:20
9.Black Syrup - Redemption (demo) (free) 03:00
10.Blackwitch Pudding - Swamp Gas of the Nevermizer (free) 06:22
11.Boneworm - The Call (free) 13:35
12.Burials - Pitfall (free) 05:07
13.Contempt - Skinwalker (free) 07:49
14.Die Like Gentlemen - Ten Hells (free) 09:10
15.Diesto - The Road (free) 06:48
16.Dinner for Wolves - We Burn (free) 03:52
17.Disemballerina - Black Angel Trumpet (free) 08:14
18.Disenchanter - Sorceries (live) (free) 11:08
19.Doomsower - El Camino Real (free) 09:24
20.Drunk Dad - Whiskey Liver (free) 03:42
21.Eight Bells - Fate and Technology (free) 07:20
22.Elephant Gun - Under (free) 04:29
23.Fellwoods - Wulfram (free) 03:40
24.Gaytheist - Let Him Rest (free) 01:20
25.Graves At Sea - This Place Is Poison (free) 06:36
26.Honduran - Street Eagles (free) 01:51
27.Hot Victory - Labyrinthos (free) 06:03
28.Hundred Eyes - Vulture In A Suit (free) 07:46
29.Hungers - Animist (free) 04:26
30.Lamprey - Harpies (demo) (free) 06:58
31.Lord Dying - In A Frightful State of Gnawed Dismemberment (free) 05:10
32.Mammoth Salmon - In Constant Shadows (free) 03:36
33.Merciful Zeus - Burning Sand (free) 04:28
34.Mothers Whiskey - Scorpion Moon Burn (free) 03:09
35.Mursa - Rise (free) 04:41
36.Muscle and Marrow - Childhood (free) 03:12
37.Norska - Cholera (free) 05:24
38.Nux Vomica - Reeling (free) 11:52
39.Old Kingdom - The Professor (free) 02:51
40.Pandion - Misslelock (free) 04:27
41.Paranaut - Rising Din (free) 10:21
42.Pinkzilla - Planet Caveman (free) 04:35
43.Plebeian - Rat's Nest (free) 01:29
44.Psyrup - Cosmo DNA (free) 10:49
45.RABBITS - Yr in Luck (free) 05:30
46.Red Cloud - Know It (free) 03:25
47.Red Fang - Failure (free) 04:57
48.Right Hand of Doom - Oasis of the White Palm (free) 11:10
49.Satyress - Esta Noche (free) 05:25
50.Shut Your Animal Mouth - Secrets of the Dead (free) 04:18
51.Silence The Father - The Night (free) 09:58
52.Sioux - Faithless (free) 04:39
53.SLOTHS - Breadcrumb Trail (Slint cover) (free) 05:05
54.Sól - Hydra (free) 08:06
55.Sons of Huns - Horror in Clay (free) 03:32
56.Space God Ritual - Madness (free) 04:52
57.Steelhymen - Linda Blair (free) 02:27
58.Stoneburner - Done (free) 07:36
59.The People Electric - Fireball (free) 03:38
60.The Stein Project - Dragon Church (free) 04:01
61.The Thornes - A Shoreleave Slaughter (free) 05:49
62.Toxic Holocaust - Rat Eater (free) 03:42
63.Tsepesch - Black Seas of Infinity (free) 08:37
64.Usnea - Monuments to Avarice (free) 14:22
65.Weresquatch - Voodoo Witch (free) 04:06
66.White Orange - Either - Or (free) 04:58
67.Wizard Rifle - Frazetta (free) 04:58
68.Wölflaut - Precious (free) 05:24
69.Zirakzigil - Durin's Bane (free) 06:31
70.Zmoke - Snowbud (free) 04:45


Our good pals at Doomed & Stoned have just celebrated their first birthday. They are one of the finest Doom/Stoner/Sludge metal zines currently out there. We are honoured to call Doomed & Stoned friends as we share a lot of things in common. Promoting awesome Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal music to you fine guys and gals.

To celebrate their first birthday, Doomed & Stoned have just released a mammoth free download compilation featuring the very finest bands from Portland. The compilation is called - Doomed & Stoned in Portland. All put together by the infamous BillyGoat – the main head-honcho at Doomed & Stoned.

I will let BillyGoat tell you all about this amazing compilation.

In celebration of the one year anniversary of Doomed & Stoned (, we present to you a collection of bands that have wrapped their tentacles around the Portland underground metal scene and are hungry to scale new mountains.

Portland, Oregon is known for many things--it's the "Rose City," clustered around the mighty Willamette River and nearby Mt. Hood, the home of Nike and the Trail Blazers, even a major network television show called Portlandia. But to the hard working locals, Portland is home two the two big things that really matter: brews and bad-ass rock 'n' roll. Doomed & Stoned in Portland is a snapshot of the heavy music scene right now in Portland--from the ever-popular Red Fang, Lord Dying, and Toxic Holocaust, to rising stars such as Sons of Huns, Ape Machine, and Drunk Dad. Most of all, here is a collection of bands with a strong DIY ethic--everything from experimental metal to a distinct brand of Northwest punk to ultra-heavy metal doom giants Graves at Sea, Usnea, and Stoneburner. Not to mention the bands that just like to "Keep Portland Weird" (Blackwitch Pudding, Pinkzilla, Big Black Cloud, Steelhymen, and Zirakzigil). Over 65 bands waiting for you to lend them your ears--and a free download, to boot. You may just discover your next favorite bands.”

So headover there now and download this damn fine free compilation now. Yeah that's right folks. It's free. 70 tracks for you to rock out to. Grab a beer, light up a bong and chill out with Portland's finest bands. Fuck Yeah!!!!

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Written by Steve Howe