Thursday 21 August 2014

Bleak Zero - S/T EP (Review)

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 21/7/2014
Label: Bandcamp

“BLEAK ZERO” DD track listing:

1)    Arbitrary System Whore 04:27
2)    Less Of A Reason 07:18
3)    Misophonic Petulance 03:07
4)    Madman Possesed 06:30
5)    The Spectator – Part 1 11:31


Hailing from the post industrial city of Stoke-on-Trent in the UK. Ferocious, but tempered with elements of quiet introspection, difficult to pinpoint, hard to ignore. Angular post-modern doom rock.

The Band:

Morph | vocals
Lorna Dean | drums
Rob Hunt | guitar
Mike Davies | bass  


Every day there seems to be a new sub genre of a sub genre that appears on the music scene that I presume is designed to help you choose from the mass of music on offer, and if only one of the words match your musical tastes then it is possibly worth a listen.

Bleak Zero describe themselves as Angular post-modern doom rock and it describes the music well even though the doom part is not high on the agenda.

‘Arbitrary System Whore’ starts off with the angular part of the description with the riff jerking around in your head with vocalist ‘Morph’ putting his heart and soul into a growl/roar that is bleak and fits the track to perfection.

‘Less of A Reason’ starts off slow and quiet before the vocals kick in and Morph seems to be in pain and you feel he is suffering before the riff starts to speed up into a pounding trudge to the end of the track.

‘Misophonic Petulance’ is shorter with an almost punk like quality “you wont fucking listen” screamed at you ending abruptly bouncing into ‘Madman Possesed’ which is the track on the album that is the most angular and all over the place,  but in a good way.

The Final track on the album is the longest and builds up slowly, with the first 5 minutes a very gentle guitar that finally bursts into life and screams and screeches its way to a abrupt end.

I really enjoyed this album and at just over 30 minutes it does leave you wanting more. Bleak Zero say that they are hard to pinpoint but if you are fans of Neurosis and Gojira, this band is very much worth a listen.

Words by: Garry Nicol

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