Sunday 31 August 2014

Naught - MMXIV Demo (Review)

Album Type: Demo
Date Released: 7/8/2014
Label: Self-Released
 “MMXIV” CD/DD track Listing:

1). Fade 18:37
2). Eyes of a Waning Sun 08:07

The Band:


Naught's “MMXIV” is completely uncompromising in its vision and execution. A haunting triumph of mood, Naught begins with the great track “Fade” beginning with a slow delay-washed dirge over an ambient wash moving into a simple, powerful verse. The black metal vocalizations over the verses conjure up a desolate wasteland of ruin and perfectly complement the sparse and moving guitar work. There's some really sweet simple guitar playing over the second verse that almost reminds me of some slowed down darker folk music. The dissonant verbed out, almost Hawaiian guitar over the first part of the bridge is a really cool unexpected aesthetic choice and adds a nice tripped out vibe to the start of the second half of the track. The heavy part of the bridge pulls some serious Old Man Gloom styling out as well.

The second track “Eyes of a Waning Sun” begins very differently than the opener, moving right into a slow rhythm section groove with some well done lead guitar work over black metal screams. Moving into a feedback ambient wash which reminds me of the band Horseback. Actually Horseback is the only band I can think of to directly compare Naught's sound to; however, only on their more spacey ambient sections. In addition, Naught sticks to a more military groove throughout and doesn't sit in blues/sludge territory very much which gives the music a very different feel. This is the stronger of the two tracks on the EP.

One of the more interesting short offerings this year, Naught does a fantastic job realizing a soundtrack to the ruin of society. With some cool cover artwork by Alex C. F. from Lightbearer and a must listen.  I strongly suggest listening to “MMXIV” in a complete sitting to get the full effect. I sincerely hope that a full length is soon to follow.
Words by: Chris Tedor

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