Tuesday 12 August 2014

FLOOD - OAK (Album Review)

VEVC0039 - Flood - Oak cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: July 29th 2014
Label: Volcom Entertainment.

OAK - track listing:

1.Perihelion 10:58
2.Beryllus 08:13
3.Holy Astro Shaman Part I 03:41
4.Holy Astro Shaman Part II 06:58
5.Baphomet Sermon 05:29
6.Lake Nyos 06:56

Band Members:

ozzy, fink, eli


Flood is an unknown entity to me. A Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal band signed to Volcom Records. I don't know what made me check this band out, as I have never heard of them before. However, there is something about the album cover that spoke volumes to me. I decided to press play on the Volcom Records BandCamp Page and I knew from the opening riffs of first track – Perihelion – that OAK would be something special indeed.

This epic 10-minute plus track has a dangerous feel to it as Flood play slow-paced distorted Doom/Sludge Metal guitar riffs matched against the heavy pounding drums make this a dangerous combination. Floor tease the listener with slow-paced vibes before the drums and guitar riffs combine to become one angry violent persona you cannot ignore. The vocals of lead vocalist – come into focus around the 4th minute mark though it’s the stunning music that is the main draw here as they unleash a barrage of constant fast-paced riffs that evoke memories of Floor and Torche but with a more angrier and distorted edge.

I have been publicising the heck of this great album on Facebook to a few of my friends and this is how we have all described Flood’s sound as it crosses so many boundaries and different style of bands:. Floor Torche, Wounded Giant, Ufomammut, Tombstones, Sleep and Black Sabbath. Flood is best described as a brilliant Sludge/Stoner Metal band with riffs powerful enough to cause a major earthquake. It is to Flood's credit they have added their own identity to the heavy monolithic sounds currently being played around you. Heavy, violent and loud-based drone noises are added to the mix on 2nd track – Beryllus - for one epic ride that borders on the wrong side of crazy psychedelic metal that is very hard to ignore. Lead vocalist – once again shows his madman persona against the violent manic chainsaw based driven music that will cut you to the bone.

Oak is one truly hypnotic ride you will not forget in a long time. The album may only last 42 minutes but what an adrenaline-fuelled rush that waits for you. Flood have created an album that may take a few listens for you to experience and fully understand the crazy distorted visions coming at you from every direction. By the time two-part song – Holy Astro Shaman Part I and Part II – come into play you’re already drifting into the vast reaches of space as Flood unleash some epic Space Rock riffs that will leave your mind trapped forever in a trippy prison cell where there is no escape from.

OAK is an album that becomes a more richer and rewarding experience every time you listen to it as I said previously it has this strange and haunting hypnotic spell that is very hard to ignore. The album is expertly produced from start to finish. OAK is a brilliant sounding album that will re-affirm your faith that great music actually does exist.

An outstanding album that I cannot recommend highly enough. Oak is a thrilling and highly intelligent album that you all need to experience once in your life.

Oak is available to buy now on DD/Vinyl from Volcom Entertainment.

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Written by Steve Howe