Saturday 30 August 2014

Poisoned By Life - The End (Album Review)

The End cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 01st August 2014
Label: Self Released

The End - track listing:

1.Burning 08:31
2.Last Breath 09:23
3.- 01:05
4.Prayer 05:32
5.For A Dying Man 11:30


Poisoned By Life is a brand new doom trio from Central New York. They only just released their first album, titled The End, on August 1st 2014, for free digital download, and independently on CD. Influences range from riffs, guitars, and atmosphere, to fear, spirituality, and longing. Poisoned By Life is currently not seeking to write new material or play live shows, but continuation of the band is indefinite and full activity will be resumed at a later period. Until then, doom metallers Poisoned By Life leave behind their first monument to doom and darkness for worship by all


Sarah Schuster - Bass
Glendon Allen - Drums
Vincent Wisehoon - Vocals, Guitars


Here is a stunning début album to check out from a fantastic Doom Metal band by the name of Poisoned By Life. Their début album – The End – is a dark and heavy depressing affair which offers a fresh spin on the Doom Metal scene as they include elements of Occult based Hard Rock.

The End is 36 minutes that will chill your soul to the bone. The riffs are fucking awesome through out. It's a shame the band are currently on hiatus as they have created a brutal and highly intelligent album that not only embraces the Doom Metal philosophy but also asks some thought provoking questions which there are no easy answers to. Death is a big factor with Poisoned By Life's music. It embraces the dark murky worlds of Doom Metal that you wouldn't normally hear on a début album such as this.

The album will leave you feeling mighty depressed and I am OK with that. As Doom Metal should make you feel uncomfortable and questioning hard-hitting subjects such as Death and the Afterlife. Opening track – Burning – opens your mind to this dark and mysterious macabre world that Poisoned By Life have created here. If you don't like this track then it's best to turn away right now as the band don't change course at all for the remainder of the album.

By the time – For A Dying Man – appears I am at the mercy of this great band. The riffs are relentless and the mood is bleak throughout. I need to find a way of escaping as I seriously need a rest for the dark unrelenting vision the band have bestowed upon to the listener.

The End is a stirring, complex and highly challenging album that will put a lot of people off. I loved every brutal and bleak second of it. Download this now if you're looking for something dangerous, depressing and wholly original. It's available on BandCamp Buy Now Download.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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Written by Steve Howe