Saturday 16 August 2014

Sunken - Recoil (Album Review)

Sunken - Recoil GHGR9414 cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: July 2nd 2014

Recoil - track listing:

1.Patterns of Despondence 07:45
2.Dislocated 05:39
3.Drop Out 07:14
4.Unwilling pt.1 02:35
5.Unwilling pt.2 07:38
6.Sunken 09:45
7.Damaged 05:05
8.Downwards 05:35
9.Recoil 09:20


Brussels-based bass-drum "post-sludge" two-piece SUNKEN is proud to announce the release of its first LP / post-demo "Recoil" on Belgian net-label GodHatesGodRecords.

For one hour of music, the listener is taken on an obscure and tense introspective trip through calm, meditative moments and outbursts of overwhelming fuzz and crashing cymbals. The minimal configuration (just one bassist and one drummer, no vocals) makes it focused: it's all about dynamics and odd rhythms... and atmosphere.

Band Members

A. - bass
J. - drums


Sunken are Post-Metal/Sludge/Noise/Doom/Drone/Stoner Metal duo from Belgium who have just released their debut album – Recoil. 60 minutes of nightmarish and violent noisy Sludge/Doom/Stoner/Post-Metal vibes that slowly becomes part of your sub-conscience.

Sunken say their music appeals to: Om, Neurosis, Sunn O))), Slint

When you bring legendary names like that into the bargain then your album must be something special. It's a damn good job that Sunken is every bit as good and twisted as it sounds. This Bass/Drum duo know how to crank up the tension with some epic riffs though there isn't a guitar in sight. How these guys get the maximum volume of riffs here is nothing short of incredible. Sunken also has the feel of a Kowloon Walled City album. By that I mean it's dirty, raw, angry and pissed off as hell.

The album should be experienced as one epic 60 minute track packed full of twists and turns with destructive riffs that feel like a steak going through your heart with each passing second. Yeah this album is very special indeed. You won't hear anything like this in 2014. It's bleak as they come for an instrumental record. Sunken don't provide a narrative structure as such, just a collection of noises, moods and ambient noises to provide you with a chilling experience.

Sunken prove they are a force of nature. Nobody is going to fuck with them on this form. Recoil is the type of album that makes you stand up and take notice of what an incredibly daring and original vision that the album is. It offers no easy answers just a startling ride into the darkness where VOLUME is KING!!!

A brilliant and thrilling album that you all need to check out now. It's seriously that good!!! - Sunken have this album available for free download from this link and BandCamp. My advice – Download this now. Go lie in a dark room and experience the heavy monolithic magic of SUNKEN. You have been warned!!!

Brilliant. End Of.

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Written by Steve Howe