Thursday 7 August 2014

Wild Rocket - Geomagnetic Hallucinations (Album Review)

Geomagnetic Hallucinations cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: July 1st 2014
Label: Self Released

Geomagnetic Hallucinations - track listing:

1.Layers 08:11
2.Blowholes 05:01
3.A Better Place 06:39
4.Interplanetary Vibrations 09:24
5.Sulphur Assassins 05:13
6.Don't Ask When 04:56

Band Members

Bres - Rythmic Pulses
Jon K - Psychoacoustic Timbre
Moose - Sub Octaves and Communication
Niallo - Phase Changes


It was around this time last year that I found myself standing in front of a little stage in Dublin’s then “go to” heavy metal venue, The Pint. I’d made the journey up to good ol’ capital city to see Belfast’s Slomatics open up a fucking black hole right in front of my face, and that they did, as they always do, but they weren’t alone. Headless Kross were the headliners of a sickeningly appropriate line-up featuring Slomatics, Lurch, and Wild Rocket. So I’m there, facing the stage, body frozen in Wild Rocket’s suspension beam, unable to move an inch, forced to watch them glide through electric freak-out after electric freak-out as a projector screen flashes hypnotic images before our eyes, and I’m thinking; “What have you done to my brain? This is fantastic. Where am I?”

Listening to Wild Rocket’s Geomagnetic Hallucinations brings me right back to that venue on that very night. I remember vividly the hyperactive rock n’ roll space opera taking place on the stage, from start to finish. This album sees Wild Rocket’s electricity bottled, no added sugar, and it still tastes sweet a year later. I’ll try and keep the sci-fi references to a minimum.

Geomagnetic Hallucinations is ceaseless intensity and psychedelia with a larger-than-life, big sound that propels it far above the countless generic stoner/psychedelic slabs released every year. There’s no rehashed Kyuss tunes here, sorry folks, you can find that anywhere. Laggard Doom riffage and wailing space-synth meets Punk rock in hyperdrive on this forty minute joyride through the cosmic plasma pool, and you may be scraping your brains off your shirt by its end.

The album’s opener, “Layers”, sets the scene for you with some sluggish, doped-up, desert-evoking Doom, but that’s just the take-off sequence and after that it’s practically non-stop “I’m sweating fucking bullets, lads, get me off the wall” intensity. The record does take a detour from the helter-skelter on its longest track, “Interplanetary Vibrations”, however, offering up some riff that would fry the heads off Flower Travellin’ Band. For the most part though, this record is controlled chaos, every instrument bleeding into one another and feeding the sonic engine that drives it forward. Album closer “Don’t Ask When” shows one last ditch effort by the band to bum rush the sun, merging all of what makes the album great into one (just under) five minute sustained explosion.

In a few words; I’m excited about Geomagnetic Hallucinations. It’s an exciting record that never becomes a chore to listen to and offers up a few surprises along the way. It’s the sound of a band that’s, hopefully, ready to burst out of Dublin’s chest and brainwash their way to wherever the fuck it is they want to go. See you when the smoke clears.

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Written by Liam Doyle