Saturday 2 August 2014

Postvorta - Beckoning light we will set ourselves on fire - Album Review

Beckoning light we will set ourselves on fire cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: May 07th 2014
Label: Self Released

Beckoning light we will set ourselves on fire - Tracklist:

1.We're nothing 03:49
2.We are the righteous hell 07:34
3.Set them on fire 12:49
4.Like promises 02:02
5.You never did 10:04
6.Like promises you never did 01:45
7.Angel 09:01
8.These nights 02:28
9.Are going to end 09:05
10.Ad we're writing about 00:50
11.Abandonment and letters flowing 08:03
12.On that september 04:33


POSTVORTA is a brand new band of Post Metal . This 6 elements are from Italy.

The line up includes former member of THE END OF 6000 YEARS and former members of BLACK SOUND EMPIRE whom previously worked with the world famous producer ANDREW SCHNEIDER best know for working with bands like : CAVE IN, UNSANE,PELICAN,CONVERGE,ZOZOBRA,ROSETTA just to name few and by the guitarist of the legendary band CANDIRIA, JOHN LAMACCHIA. at the Translator Audio studio in Brooklyn USA and in the same year the band played a lot of shows in Italy, and they go on tour in Russia, Ukraine, Bielorussia, Germany, Belgium to promote the Album. They played with bands like I am Heresy, Wolves like us, Pigs, Sofy Mayor,Therapy?, Eryn non Dae, Gloomball, Silverstain, Dry kill logic, Sunpocrisy among the others.

They are searching a new label. Currently the band is a 3 guitars line up, they are writing down new material, with expanded and dilated tracks, lot of discomposed riffs, hitting the true 100% of the post-metal essence, heavily influenced by bands like Rosetta and Isis.

On January 2014 they entered the studio to record their first album under the Production of one of the most acclaimed Italian producer Riccardo Pasini ( Blinded, At the sundown, The secret, The end of 6000 years, Ephel Duath, Extrema, among the others).

Band Members

Andrea Fioravanti/Stefano Bombardini/Lucio Minghetti/Raffaele Marra/Nicola Dona'/Luca Briganti


Postvorta is a new Post-Metal band from Italy who have just released a superb debut album called - Beckoning light we will set ourselves on fire. A sprawling 70 minute musical odyssey which is influenced by Isis, Pelican, Russian Circles and Cult Of Luna.

It may not sound the most original sounds but it's still an action packed emotionally charged album that will take you to new musical heights. The songs are all beautifully constructed to take you on to the next emotional high which all great Post-metal albums should do. The epic run time may put some people off but Postvorta manage to keep your attention focused primarily on the music. The two opening tracks – We're Nothing and We Are The Righteous Hell – show the world what Postvorta are all about. Sprawling riffs which cross a fine line between heavy post-metal violent riffs and beautifully played ambient based post-rock vibes.

The hardcore vocals are sang with conviction and a real sense of purpose as Postvorta venture between different moods through the album. One moment the atmosphere can be loud, violent and noisy as hell. While the next it can be tranquil soothing world you never want to leave, especially on to the opening riffs Set Them On Fire. Though Postvorta destroy this peaceful illusion to a thousand piece as they let rip with a heavy pounding avalanche of dangerous riffs.

Set Them On Fire brings back memories of ISIS in their prime but Postvorta still prove they have deadly tricks and riffs of their own to impress you with. Another highlight to Postvorta's music is their style and creativity of ambient noises and sounds which features quite prominently throughout the album. It maybe quite jarring at times but it gives this album a sense of humanity amongst the violent chaos of it all.

My only complaint about the album is the 2 minute short tracks that follows most of the epic songs. The band could of left a few out as it sometimes stops the full flow of the album. Other than that Postvorta have delivered a stunning debut album that should win them some major buzz within the Post-Metal scene.

If you miss Post-Metal titans – ISIS. Then you need to check Postvorta out now. As they will end up as your new favourite Post-Metal band.

A truly wonderful and haunting debut album that doesn't come around often. Ignore this at your peril. An absolute must have album.

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Written by Steve Howe